7 Easy Photoshop Tips To Make Your Composites More Realistic!

Edit Your Photos Directly From Your Browser

You don’t have to be a graphics software expert to add some fun effects to your photos. On free online photo editing websites, you can become an instant digital artist with a few clicks of your mouse.

Annie Leibovitz – Invoking the Inner Child Through Her Photographs

In an integrative approach to the theory of psychology called Transactional Analysis, psychiatrist Eric Berne describes an Ego state that exists in all of us starting right from childhood and travelling with us till we leave this world. This ego state called Child (“archaeopsyche”) is a state which enlivens when we experience a happy moment as an adult and express this happiness just the way a child would! How much ever old we grow, this child remains with us for a lifetime.

The Modern Art Gallery: The Ideal Place to Find Art Photography

If you are like most people, you have used a camera to take pictures at some time during your life. Some people never get the feel for photography while others are consumed with the challenge of taking the next great photo. Although photography has been accepted as a form of mainstream art today, there was a time when it was not considered to be on the same level as paintings.

The Enticing Beauty of Black and White Photography

One method that you can use to easily create black and white art photography is to start with color photos and then convert them to black and white on your computer using Photoshop. The simplicity and beauty of the black and white photos are what make them so appealing and it is also an easy look to create.

Technology Is the Future of Digital Art Photography

Technology has brought photographers a long way from the old-fashioned cameras and film that were originally the only means of producing photographs. Today, developing film in a dark room is no longer a necessary step between aiming the camera at a subject and getting a photograph that is a true work of art. Digital cameras do not use film to capture images, but instead they have a large number of light sensors that respond to an image that is projected through the camera lens.

The Connection Between Pop Art Photography and Commercial Art

Pop art style is simple to recreate and can result in unique and fun photo art that you can display on your walls. You mind find it a lot more fun to have your own photo represented in this way that that of a celebrity which you have never had the opportunity to meet.

Getting Started in a Career in Modern Art Photography

Art photography is a popular choice for many people who want something unique to display in their homes or businesses. To have a successful art photo business, getting your work in front of the right customers is the most important step. Following these simple tips will help you get your work notices so that you can grow your business.

Why Do You Need an Engagement Photo Session?

Why would a young couple want to have an engagement photo session? How to choose a photographer for such a session? How to choose a location, how to prepare yourself to get great photos? These and some more questions about engagement photography are answered in this article.

Choosing the Right Camera Bag

Although some camera bags are less expensive than others and you can shop around for the best price, don’t make the choice in a cheaper model and brand because of its low price. Invest in a quality bag that will last and extend the life of your camera and photography equipment.

The Advantages of Underwater Camera Bags

It is also a good choice for any photographer who wants to take their photography with them in case of an ideal opportunity for a shot. Invest in an underwater camera bag and protect the larger investment you made in your camera.

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