5 Tips on Mobile Filmmaking with Andy To

Useful Tips For Shooting Stock Imagery

Always keep in mind your audience when taking photos. This can help you have better ideas for unusual shots. Using common subjects such as people and animals can still come out as being unusual when you practice and find ways to make it so. Think about all the common image subjects that could be used in advertising.

Interesting Facts About Stock Photography

Photographers can easily start their collection and post it online. Your sales could start the same day you upload your images. Many websites geared just for photographers to use as display are available for you to choose from. Many of these sites also offer helpful hints for the beginner finding their way around as well.

Simple Tips For Taking Better Portraits

Whether armed with an expensive SLR or just a smart phone camera there is an art to taking good pictures of people. With some thought and some practice you’ll be the go to person in your group for taking the photos. Here is a collection of some simple but effective tips for improving one’s results.

Can I Make A Career Out Of Photography?

I love photography and people say I’m good at it. Can I build a career on photography? Where do I start?

Getting the Most Out of Your Family Photos!

Want good family photos? This article tells you all you need to know to get great family pictures!

Themed Family Photography

Great ideas for family photo shoots. Every photo session should have a theme. Show off your family with unique ones!

How to Perfect Your Family Photography Skills

This is an article that talks about the importance of family photography. Being in the photography industry can save money, and make money. The family photography industry is even better!

Photographing Large Groups of People – 5 Tips For Taking Group Photos

Many photographers take photos of one subject and then don’t know what to do when they have a larger group of people. I have seen many leave their camera setting on the same settings when taking photos of a single subject and then a large group of people! It is very important to know what to do if you are taking photos of a family, wedding, team, etc.

Photography for Every Step of Your Relationship

Memories can be fleeting, and we all want to hold on to them. What better way to do it than to capture them in photographic form and pin them down in a photo album? From engagement photography, to wedding photography, to maternity photography and family portrait sessions, there is a photographer out there who can capture every step of your relationship.

Photography Tips

If you’ve mastered the basics of framing, shooting, and taking a photograph, try taking it further. Make it a hobby, or maybe even a career, rather than taking the usual holiday, pet, and kid snapshots. It is time to start making stunning, rather than simply passable, photographs.

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