5 Tips for Wildlife Photography from a Boat with Lisa Langell

Bridge Camera Vs Digital SLR

With the saturation of smart phones in the marketplace almost everyone has a “point & shoot” digital camera these days. The quality of the cameras in the new phones is amazing and the fact that you already are carrying it around makes it even better. In most situations they take adequate pictures.

Colour and Dressing Hints for Professional Photos

Professional photo time can bring dread to your heart especially if your last lot of photos did not live up to your expectations. I have had my share of good and bad professional family and business photos. The good ones hang happily on the wall or are on the web. The bad ones are hidden away or deleted. Unfortunately I have seen other people’s family and business photos that also need to be hidden away but are not. Clothes can make or break a photo even if you get the other two photographic elements right. Read on for my tips to help you get the dressing element right for you.

Photo Tip – How To Use A Hair Light In Portrait Photography!

While the basic three light setup will do for most portrait photography, sometimes we need a bit more. The hair light can add a lot to a portrait. Here is how to use it…

Digital Photography For Beginners – Dare To Be Different

Lacklustre photos are often triggered through laziness. Many enthusiasts approach an assignment with pre-conceived parameters. Taking a step back before shooting is simple… but oh so effective!.

Photo Tip – How To Create A Three Light Portrait Photography Set, With No Lights!

To create professional looking portrait photography, we need a three light set. But lights are expensive! Here is how to build a three light set – with no lights!

Photo Tip – How To Use A “Separation Light” In Portrait Photography!

Most portrait photography requires three lights – the main, the fill and a separation/background light. Here is how to use a separation light in your portraits.

Building a Home Photography Studio on a Budget

As I continue acquiring lighting equipment and backgrounds for my home studio the need for a better computer display reared its head. Until recently I was using my home built Intel quad core PC with a 52″ Hitachi HD plasma display.

Understanding Light for Photography

The importance of understanding light is essential to any photographer. Sometimes its as simple as considering what direction its coming from.

Moving Your Way Towards Movement Photography – 4 Examples

So you’re tired of boring photos, dreary photos of fake smiles and robotic poses, nagging at the kids to keep still while they get their photo taken… BORING! Wake up and look at this! Make your photos works of art by using the wonderful technique called movement photography! Movement photography can be achieved by using any DSLR camera and a range of techniques from Panning, Freezing, Zooming blur and Time Lapse photography. The key to movement photography is shutter speed. This means the amount of time the shutter is open after you press the button to take the photograph – if you set the camera to a slow shutter speed, the shutter will stay open longer, with a lot of light hitting the sensor. You can guarantee that anything moving in your photo will be blurred.

Do You Need Adobe Photoshop?

This is a question a budding photographer would eventually ask himself. Photography and photo editing are two different forms of art. Does processing your photo make you less of a photographer? Or is it a must for all photographers to post-process pictures? Is Photoshop necessary?

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