5 Tips for Successful Family Portrait Sessions with Michele Celentano

How To Frame Your Wedding Photos

Receiving your wedding photos is one of the most exciting things that occur after the wedding. Here are a few tips for ensuring you make great framing choices.

How To Use A Collage Photo Frame

If you are looking for a creative way to display photos in your home, a collage photo frame may be the answer. Here are tips for putting together a great collection of photos in your frame.

How To Stylishly Display The Photos In Your Home

All too often, photos end up stashed in shoe boxes in the backs of closets. If you want to display your photos in your home, there are many options for framing and highlighting the pictures.

Importance of Professional Website Design and Online Marketing Services

However small or big your business is; your biggest asset in this internet era is your online presence. Believe it or not, it is the most important and effective tool of surviving and establishing your own brand. If you think, your website featuring all your products and services is just sufficient to survive in today’s fast competitive world, think again!

Camera Flash Accessories – Automatic Exposure Remote Flash

Many of the major camera brands are now offering expensive wireless flash systems with TTL automatic exposure. With these systems camera flash units are setup in positions remote from the camera and a special master flash on the camera controls them all. The master unit tells them when to fire and how much light to put out.

Advice for Aspiring Wedding Photographers

Part 1 – **Become the Best, Be Inspired by The Best** As a wedding photographer you should allocate some of your financial resources to learning. It doesn’t matter how skilled you become, there is always more you can learn and there is no better teachers than those who have gone before you. Wedding photographers often get stuck in a rut or occasionally feel at a creative low, this is certainly the time to seek inspiration from your peers and grow to the next level.

A Contender For The Best Digital Camera Under 200 Dollars

Are you looking for the best digital camera under 200 dollars? Check out the Fujifilm FinePix S2550 digital camera. Fujifilm is well known for their cameras and film products and they did a great job with the FinePix camera. This camera sports 12.2 megapixels to deliver crisp and vibrant pictures to consumers. The optical zoom on this camera is phenomenal. At 18x wide angle this camera zooms in capturing every detail throughout the focal range. This technology also features Instant Zoom which enables camera users to keep their subjects within the frame at a far distance and immediately crops the photo accordingly.

A Picture On Your Page: Photographers Need To Put Their Portraits on Their Websites!

Why don’t photographers put a picture of themselves on their own website? Seriously! It is implied by the very nature of our jobs as photographers that we value the power of pictures. So what does it say to a potential client who goes to your website, looks on your about or bio page and finds no picture of the photographer?

What Are You Worth As A Photographer? Set Your Pricing To Be Successful

I now saw myself in terms of being a true professional with both passion and ability, as well as a business to run. I STOPPED giving my work away! Read that again… STOP GIVING YOUR WORK AWAY! Anybody can do it who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and learn what it takes to run a successful business and then have the guts to do it. The artist in us wants to dive into the creative process and be all about the smiles and fun. The business person in us must take a hard look at what it takes to be successful.

The Power of Framing

Framing your portrait subject with something in the environment can create a powerful mood and response for viewers. The frame is a part of the scene, so it tells a bigger story and places your subject in context. It also suggests things about the image. Professional photographer and studio owner shares his photography tips and techniques.

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