5 Tips for Respectful Wildlife Photography with David Wilder

What Can Be Said About the GAP Baby Contest?

The Gap Baby Contest has a simple participation process wherein initial screening is done based on photos sent at the end of each year. The competition is held in an unbiased way solely on the merit of the child. Such competition allows the child to enter this modeling and Public Relations field at a very early age. Mere participation in such contest exposes the child to the right audience even if the child does not win the competition. On winning the Gap Baby Contest the child in entitled to a professional, fully paid photo shoot, along with a gift voucher from the GAP Babies Store.

Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera Review

The Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera is perfect for the advanced beginner and experienced professional photographers. The EOS 7D is built with an 18mp sensor and a new Autofocus System, and it is the most advanced auto focus system ever included in an EOS Digital SLR camera. It has numerous selection modes, including Spot Auto focus, Point Expansion Auto Focus, and Zone Auto Focus.

Best Canon Lenses for Portraits – Best Gifts for Photographers

The Holiday Season is right around the corner, and that means fantastic sales! It also means fighting for parking space and waiting in lines only to find out that the things you wanted to get for your friends and loved ones aren’t in stock. So what do you get for your favorite photographer? Well, there are a bunch of lenses that Canon has out on the market this year, and they make the perfect gift for the person who loves taking pictures, but may not have the special attachments to take those detailed, wide angle, long distance, or even underwater shots. Canon Lenses are by far the most adaptable and widely used by professional photographers and home users alike.

Improve Your Photography – Knowing Your Aperture From Your Shutter Speed

Camera settings enable control in getting those great shots photographers’ want. They also improve our understanding of more complex terminology such as depth of field and aesthetics in photography. This article will cover two of the most important settings: aperture and shutter speed.

Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera – A Beginner’s Delight!

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your dog running, or your baby swinging? The shutter speed on the Nikon D3100 digital SLR camera allows you to capture this image like they’re sitting still. You don’t have to make everyone stop what they’re doing and pose for pictures anymore. Catch people in their natural state. Natural state pictures make the best pictures.

Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera Review

The Canon Rebel T3i Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is an entry-level camera, but definitely on the high end of that spectrum. This camera was announced in February 2011. Don’t lose those opportunities to capture memories in print. This is a great camera for beginners.

Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera Review

The Canon G12 is an exciting camera for new beginners and advanced beginners. The G12 Digital Camera integrates powerful technologies.. It has a 2.8-inch variable-angle PureColor system LCD, and RAW + JPEG image modes.

Learn the Features and Benefits of the Sony NP-BG1 Camera Battery

The new rechargeable battery by Sony is a type G info Lithium Ion model NP-BG1 is compatible with Sony W series, T100, N2, N1, H9, and H7 digital cameras. It utilizes the BC-C53 charger and can be used to recharge the NP-BG1 or the Cyber Shot Station Cradle. The dimension of the battery is eight point six by three point nine inches and weighs only one pound. The battery in considered a quick charger as it is able to put out a voltage of DC4.2V with a capacity of three point four WH and the rating power of three point six volts with no effects on the memory.

Three Important Tips for Beginners in Wildlife Photography

When wildlife photographers go into the field, they usually go with an idea of what they would like to accomplish that day. However, wildlife photography is all about opportunity. In order to make the best of each opportunity, it’s all about waiting, watching and listening. Here are three important tips for beginners in wildlife photography.

How to Learn Amateur Photography

Photography is one the most fascinating and engaging hobbies. The diversity of themes and photography techniques makes it very approachable and allows for combining with other interests – take landscape photography for example, which seems to perfectly complement travelling and spending time outdoors.

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