5 Tips for Better Beverage Photos with Steve Giralt

Using Adobe Lightroom 6 For Editing Photos & Do You Really Need To Do This Editing Malarky?

Discover the 3 steps I use when importing images to Lightroom; then I’ll show you the 6 step procedure I use to process/edit images (even hundreds of images, very, very quickly!). Then I’ll explain how to export the processed images (e.g. for publishing to the internet, or for further manipulation in a program like Photoshop). Finally, I’ll give my 2p’s worth about whether editing photos is worth the bother.

How to Pose for Pictures? 4 Tips to Look Photogenic!

Do you wonder how modeling agencies take perfect shots? Check out the following tips as to how you can pose for the best pictures.

A Quick Guide To Tripods & Tripod Alternatives

Sometimes, a tripod isn’t necessary, as it can interfere with your creative flow. However, there are situations when a tripod is invaluable. I will cover some typical example situations, and then discuss your options when it comes to buying a tripod – whether it be a more traditional aluminium or carbon fibre tripod, or one of the alternative tripods, such as a Gorilla Pod, an Ultra Pod II, or a camera beanbag.

10 Accessories You Might Need When Buying A DSLR Camera For The First Time

Photography isn’t the cheapest hobby to get into – even the most basic, entry level DSLR cameras cost around 200 pounds (US $280 approx.). In an ideal world, that would be the only purchase you’d have to make – get the camera and start taking photos. In reality, there are certain “extras” that you will want to make a priority, at the same time as buying your DSLR. On top of that, as you get more experienced with your sophisticated camera and get more and more hooked on this fascinating hobby, there are other accessories that you may also want or need. This article features ten accessories that I own and use on a regular basis, which one may wish to consider acquiring, sooner or later. I’ve ranked them in order of most important, to those that are really useful, but which can be added at a later date (if wanted).

Take a Step Forward! Get Interested in Photoshop!

This article is a short summary of the things that you can do with photographs if you learn to use a program called, “Photoshop”. This is an encouraging entry about the many ways that you will be able to change an ordinary photograph into a work of art with one program.

Tips That Can Help You to Create a Simple Photo Booth

Photo booths have obviously become a very common option in many parties these days. This is mainly because of the extensive range of options that it offers to the people. Setting up a photo booth involves many ways and there is not a single right way.

Let There Be Light! Tools You Might Need For Light Painting Photography

Light painting is a creative way to explore photography when you’ve gotten bored with taking all those standard or cliche photos and have gotten to grips with the features of your sophisticated DSLR camera. Discover the two different styles of light painting and the tools you might need to get started.

Bird Photography Tips

What do you do if the bird you are trying to approach gets scared and flies away? There are many different techniques to approach wild birds and I will go through what works for me.

Home Photography Studio Kit For The Keen Amateur Photographer

Despite not being a professional photographer, I chose to invest in photographic studio equipment because I did want to see if I could make my hobby pay for itself, by creating a website using my photographs as content, which would be monetized by Google adverts; and, potentially, by selling stuff on either eBay or Amazon, using my camera to take photos of products I might happen to sell. In this article, I explain what kit I use to photograph all sorts of objects, from small, to medium, to human-sized.

Choosing Camera Lens Filters & How To Avoid Costly Repeat Purchases When Buying A New DSLR Lens

Discover four filters that new DSLR owners might be interested in purchasing. Find out why I chose to use filters instead of relying on photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop. Plus, how to save money by NOT having to buy multiple sets of the same filters when you have many different sized camera lenses.

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