5 Storytelling Tips for Unique Photo Compositions with Erick Hercules

Why You Should Hire Professional Wedding Photographers

Hiring services of the best wedding photographers is very important. It ensures that you get the best quality photos for your wedding. Weddings are very special events in the lives of many people. This can be attributed to the fact that weddings happen once in the lives of many people. As such, many people want to have something that will remind them of the events of this day.

Look Your Absolute Best in Your Wedding Photographs

Get the most out of your wedding photographs, look your best. Be ahead of the game with valuable advice from a professional wedding photographer. Words to the wise on posing, dress fit, lighting, make up and photographer choice. Own a wedding album you will be proud of as opposed to one you’ll hide in shame, far from inquisitive eyes.

An Introduction To Image Editing Services

Photographs and images are very important in our lives. Apart from helping us in preserving our memories, they help us in various other ways as well. These days, images are needed for a variety of reasons, starting from applying for a passport or a job, or creating a profile in a dating site. This is why, most of us require different types of images and we also need the help of image editing services which can help us in creating different types of photo effects.

Photoshop Plugins, What Are They?

Photoshop plugins, or Photoshop filters as they are also called, add functions to Photoshop. They are automatically loaded into Photoshops Filter menu. Most plugins focus on effects that are hard to duplicate in Photoshop. Today, however, we find on the market a number of plugins that do very sophisticated image retouching that would otherwise have been difficult or time consuming in Photoshop. More recent versions of Photoshop has been inspired by some old plugins and does similar things, like lens correction and proper black-white conversion.

10 Essential Photography Strategies

Have you ever wondered what makes a photo creative and unique? Photography is an artistic form of expression that can be mastered through different strategies. The art form lends itself to providing the viewer with a moment in time while creating an emotional tie to elements within the photo. There are certain photography strategies that help you become a professional versus an enthusiast. Unique photography follows key rules to generate high yielding feedback. Here’s some helpful photography strategies that will help differentiate your photo from mediocre snapshots and will help you master, key fundamentals in no time at all.

Ways To Generate Passive Income For A Photographer – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Photography is fun; it’s a great pastime. People love to snap photos and preserve the precious memories through images. Nowadays, one can easily snap and store images using the advanced technology devices, DSLRs, mobile phones and so on. But some creative photographers have turned their hobby into a passive income generator using the creative ideas. Let’s explore how a photographer can generate passive income from his snaps. Here, you’ll also explore the basic guideline on how to start photography for making money online.

5 Applications That Allow You To Create Cool Photo Effects In Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have become a part of our lives. Every day, we log in to our profiles in these social networking sites for interacting with our fiends and for sharing videos, images and other interesting stuff. For many people, Facebook is the best medium for sharing images and photos.

Create a Buzz Around Events With Photo Booths

During the late ’70s and the early ’80s, as a child, a trip to the grocery store usually meant feeling like a lifetime of dragging your feet behind your mother, following her around – aisle after aisle, watching her grab everything you hate and throwing it in the cart for at least an hour. The only exciting thing about going to the grocery store was that quick walk past all those twenty-five cent kiddy rides. There was usually a mini merry-go-round that could ride three kids at a time, a race car that shakes and makes car…

Tips On How To Be Good At Photography – Aperture Mode

Now, I’m not a professional photographer; but my photographs have improved drastically after understanding how to shoot in this mode. So can you!

Top 4 Reasons Why Using Photo Effects Is A Good Idea

There are a lot of people who are simply in love with taking pictures. Some of them transformed the passion into a job and now work as professional photographer. As a professional photographer, you can obtain important contracts for working at big events, but you probably also have your own idea about what photography is and you probably travel a lot, trying to find the best scene for the perfect photo shot

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