5 Sports Photography Tips with Jean Fruth

The Importance of Lighting in Photography

Photographers have an important task, capturing precious memories and stellar sights on camera within a short time frame. Because of this, lighting is a very crucial element that must be just right otherwise the moment will be lost. There are many different types of lighting that a photographer can use, depending upon the location of the shoot. Without the right type of lighting, photographs that are developed may not be usable or may not come out at all. If you are looking into lighting elements, here are some of the most common sources you will find.

Learning Trick Photography – Some Useful Techniques to Help Refine Your Skills

Many of those who enjoy practicing photography often look for techniques and methods that can easily help them achieve some special effects. Here you can find some of the simplest, but also some of the most intriguing trick photography techniques you can use that rarely require any special tools.

How the Camera Sees or Why Does My Photo Suck?

It happens all the time. It has happened to me on more occasions than I would like to admit. Your eye embraces a great scene…

Wedding Photography Masterclass – How to Become a Wedding Photographer Part 1

During this photography master class I will take you on a journey from beginning to end of learning how to become a high class wedding photographer. We will look at equipment, techniques, editing and composition; everything you will ever need to know will be highlighted over a course of information packed articles.

Predator Photographers

Models avoid getting trapped by people who claim to be photographers offering you free shoots. You life and future may be on the line.

Places to Host and Share Your Photographs Online While Learning Photography

For the budding photographer yet to showcase their talents and abilities, it’s best to choose hosting sites by comparing them for their features and drawbacks. There are many leading photography hosting sites that are widely popular among its users, and several have already shown great promise with additional plug-ins and applications designed for ease of use. Of course, the “right hosting site” is greatly dependent on your needs and requirements. Learning photography makes one want to explore and utilize one or more of the many options available.

Uses of Photo Canvas Printing

Having your favorite digital masterpiece or personally taken photos on canvas prints is one of the latest ways to display art. You don’t have to buy an unreasonably priced painting or other artwork to have a stunning display in your home or office. You can simply take a high-quality digital image file and have it printed on canvas material. Printing on canvas can be used in various ways – from personal to professional. Here are some of ideas about the images you can put on canvas and their uses.

What Is the Difference Between Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO and How Do These Impact My Photos?

This article discusses the interaction between shutter speed, aperture and the ISO setting and explains the impact of changing these settings on your final photograph. Firstly, it is important to note that there is an optimal exposure setting for each photograph you wish to take. Thankfully, this is automatically calculated by your camera (unless you are working with some very old equipment!

How Do I Use Aperture Settings To Take Better Photographs?

This article discusses what the aperture setting on your camera does and explains the impact of changing the aperture on your final photograph. Simply put, the aperture setting controls the amount of light which is allowed through the camera lens when taking a photograph. Perversely, the smaller the number of the aperture, the more light which is allowed through.

Spring for the Photographer

The moment that snowdrops start appearing through the final snowfalls of the year mother nature seems to go into overdrive and it is almost as if not a week goes by without something new, different and exciting appearing in gardens and parks. As a photographer it is my favourite time of the year, the light seems fresh and crisp and the sun remains fairly low in the sky throughout the day so to my mind it feels a little more gentle than the harsh sunlight of high summer. To me it offers a little more freedom to the photographer and…

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