5 Photography Client Management Tips with Shelby Knick

2 Horizon Photo Tips For Better Landscape Photos!

The horizon may not seem like a big deal, but it can make or break your landscape photography. Here are two horizon photo tips that can help.

Guide to Editing Photos Online

Photography is becoming a popular hobby nowadays. More people own cameras now than ten years ago, and more pictures are being uploaded on the internet. A huge percentage of these people process their photos on editing tools before posting them. This is why photo editing software has become popular. You don’t even have to download it, because there are sites that offer on-site photo enhancement.

Tips To Taking The Perfect Picture

Is it enough to love photography in order to be a good photographer? Using today’s digital cameras is not as easy as it was years ago.

Creating a Personalised Canvas Prints

This article will guide you through 4 simple steps so that you too can create fantastic canvas prints. from choosing the right photo, to printing and stretching your canvas this article has it all!

Photo Tip – How To Use A “Photographic Ground Modification System” For Outdoor Portrait Photography

If you are doing outdoor portrait photography, you often run into a problem with people not wanting to get there clothing dirty. Here is what to do!

Tips to Photographing Flowers

You see them everywhere, flowers in full bloom. They are colorful and so easy to photograph. You can use them as art prints, backgrounds for images, Facebook Timeline Cover pages, or just for the joy of capturing the beauty of a flower. There are some “tricks” that can elevate your images beyond snapshot level, into images that really express a flower’s magic.

Photo Tip – How to Intensify The Colors In Your Portrait Photography!

Today’s photo tip is a little bit counter intuitive. Use your flash in broad daylight.

Boudoir Photography – An Extra Special Gift

If you have never considered boudoir photography because you felt it would be embarrassing or awkward, you should think again. There are many sensitive, professional boudoir photographers out there who can take some beautiful, sexy, glamorous photographs as a special treat for yourself, or a gift for someone special.

Photo Tip – How To Get Animals To Look At You For Better Pet Portraits!

While doing pet portraits can be very rewarding, they do come with some difficulties. Here is how to get the animal to look at you.

Include Your Pets In Your Studio Photography

Many people say “never work with children or animals”, but since families are often made up of both, portrait photographers regularly work with both at the same time! Including your pets in your family portrait, or having a pet photography session just for them, is becoming more and more common. Our pets all have their own personalities, and a beautiful image to hang on your wall will show that personality for years to come.

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