5 Night Sky Photography Tips for Light Pollution

Shooting the Kids, Wife, and Family (With Your Camera)

For many families, reunions, gatherings and celebrations are often huge, exciting events full of fun and plenty of food. Weddings often attract the most attention out of all family events, but who says a birthday, christening, or good old fashioned family roundup doesn’t deserve the same attention?

How To Use a Camera 101: Meter Setting for Landscapes

When photographing landscapes, it is essential to have the correct meter setting activated to achieve proper exposure results. The meter setting on your camera helps you decide what combination of aperture and shutter speed to use in order to get a correctly exposed photograph.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S Digital SLR Camera – Hot Gift Idea!

You are about to buy a new Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S digital SLR camera or you already have one. What should you do to ensure top performance and ease of use? The following tips will help maximize the performance of your camera.

Digital Camera Fisheye

Due to its curvilinear distortion one of the most significant elements to keep in mind is the fact that straight lines which pass via the centre of the image field are reproduced straight and also the more the subject is from the centre of the frame, the much more curved they’ll be. This can give superb outcomes when capturing pictures of horizons, landscapes and tall buildings.

Digital Photo Recovery – Cure and Anticipation

Data loss is somewhat which can be very destructive. If it is a business by way of essential files and documents, or one person with matchless pictures, losing that data can turn out to be an awfully shocking and traumatic debacle.

Black and White Film Development Tips

This isn’t meant as a step by step guide, all that information is available from Ilford or Kodak. Just thought I’d share a few tips I’ve picked up over the years.

The Importance of Copyright for Wedding Photographers

Many wedding blogs, magazines and forums are nowadays urging couples to ask for copyright-free wedding photos from their wedding photographer. But should photographers be obliged to surrender their copyright on their work once payment has been made? This article discusses the implications of copyright for wedding photographers.

Natural Posing Ideas for Child Photography

Child photography is a very challenging profession and when it comes to photographing infants it is even more challenging. It is not fair for baby photographers to expect the infants to pose according to their will as their tiny bodies and joints cannot bend like grown up kids. So, the wise way of photographing infants is to make use of their natural poses, and they can make for absolutely stunning images which you would cherish for ever more.

How to Take the Perfect Photograph: From Lighting to Your Camera Battery Replacement

Photography is an art in which it can take years to develop excellence. But that doesn’t mean that learning a few helpful tips won’t allow you to shoot picture perfect photos. Read on to learn how to take the best possible photographs.

Child Photography: Clicking the Most Innocent Moments

The most natural and innocent frames a photographer can click in his career is of the little angels on earth called children. One perfect click and it can bring smile on the face of the gloomiest person in this world. Child photography is the funniest and funkiest and gives the child photographer a chance to enjoy this profession the most.

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