5 Light Painting Photography Tips with Susan Magnano

Investing Right With Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography is probably one of the more important items that you must not forget to include in your wedding list. Anyone who’s ever been wed will tell you that its importance is based on its ability to transport you back in time, to that special day when you made your union official with the one that you love.   Poetics aside, however, wedding photography is, in fact, one of the more lucrative businesses there is today.

Basic Services Usually Included in a Wedding Photography Package

A wedding photography package nowadays is composed of various services that will make each couple’s marital union very memorable. It doesn’t just start on the wedding day itself. There are also photos taken by professional photographers before the wedding which tell the story of the bride and groom prior to their marriage.

Cherish the Finest Memories With the Best Wedding Photography

Wedding photography plays a very crucial part in every couple’s wedding day. Though some may actually overlook this important part, others shed out a lot of savings for this since they know that special moments will sooner or later become treasured memories.

Why There’s No Better Time to Get Into the Business of Wedding Photography Than Now

Are you thinking of putting up your own Wedding Photography business? Do you have the inherent skills needed to become successful in the field? If your answer is yes to both questions, then here are some tips that you can most probably use to pursue that particular endeavor you dream of.

Photography – My Top 5 Filters To Use On DSLR Cameras

What I love about filters is they are very affordable and easy to carry along with you on a photo shoot or family vacation and last they are extremely easy to use. They just snap on!

Learn Why Photographers Communities Are So Helpful

Learning a new art form is something that people do each and every day all over the globe, however some people find it hard when trying to learn about the best way to enter a new hobby as they don’t know the right equipment to use, or the correct orders in which to do things in. One art form people are picking up each and every day is the art of photography. The reason so many people pick up this art form every day is because it offers such beauty, reality and emotion and it’s relatively easy to get started…

What Is A Wi-Fi Digital Camera?

For sure, many of you have heard about this Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) thing used in computers and other portable electronic devices including mobile phones and game consoles. What this means is that data can be transferred through wireless means and at a faster speed.

5 Pieces of Equipment You Should Have in Your DSLR Camera Bag

Ready to go hiking? Take the best memories and photos with you. Make sure you have these 5 basic pieces of equipment in order to take the most out of your trip.

Professional Portrait Photography Techniques

Most of the time, we stick with set lighting. This is great for traditional photos, but that is not what we are after this time. We want to catch everyone off guard, but do it when pizzazz. So, how do we do this? We change the way we use lighting. Instead of finding the best light in the woods, you can light only half their face with natural light (light vs. dark). Also, you can use bright, colored lighting to really add to an otherwise bland picture. Just imaging a wedding portrait where the bride is surrounded by a sunlight shroud? What about a prom picture that is enamored with bright blues and reds from the stage surrounding? Play around and have fun with it.

The Five Classical Portrait Lighting Set Ups

What are the most used lighting set ups in photography for portraits? Here we take a look at the 5 most used portrait lighting set ups.

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