5 Film Photography Tips Beginners Need to Know

Protecting Photos With Copyright Symbols and Watermarks

Nowadays it is easy for a digital photographer to protect photos with copyright symbols and watermarks. Let’s see how.

Are You Buying a Tripod?

The tripod allows for some movement, which is why it is popular with photography and road and land surveys. The movement it allows is usually both sideways and up and down. Especially with the camera the tripod is helpful in keeping it in place while taking shots.

Digital Photography Lessons With Focus and Exposure

Now with the film cameras slowing falling into obscurity, a digital camera is starting to enter the scene. With you probably relatively new to this field, this is the correct article! We sill go on to more basic functions and concepts of your digital camera, as well as some controls to help you. First Digital Photography Lessons: Utilize your autofocus and auto exposure mode With the fairly complicated process of aperture and shutter speed, coupled with the time consuming manual focusing, autofocus and auto exposure can indeed become a lifesaver. Professional photographers use manual mode, meaning, that they manually set their aperture and shutter speed to get an optimal image quality according to their project. Of course, manual mode does make better photos, with better knowledge of the control.

Digital Photography for Beginners With Shutter Speed and Aperture

Digital photography for beginners is relatively similar to the processes of traditional photography, which is film powered. It is still operated using the aperture priority, shutter speed, and manual. To clear things up and refresh your memory, aperture controls the depth of field and can provide a perfect bokeh, shutter speed is the recording time of image, and useful for shots that conveys movement and action. Each setting, when used, automatically adjusts the other, e.g. when you are in aperture priority, the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed corresponding to the aperture value you used. The last setting, the manual, is for advanced photographers – the shutter speed and aperture are manually set by the photographer.

The Canon 50D Is an Excellent Camera – Here’s Why

Without a shadow of a doubt the canon 50D is one of the best cameras you can purchase while still being affordable. I’ve owned the 50D for over a year and I can honestly say that it hasn’t failed me yet. I’ve shot in many different locations for different occasions and the 50D comes up on top each and every time.

Why the Canon 50D Is Excellent for Photographing Birds and Other Wildlife

First of all I would like to mention that the canon 50d is a spectacular camera that can shoot pretty much anything you throw in front of it; however for this article I’m going to tell you exactly why the canon 50d is an excellent choice camera for photographing birds and other wild life. The canon 50D first of all has a massive 15.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, what this means to you is that you can capture more detail and also crop your image to get rid of any unwanted space.

Capturing a Property

Photography is not easy. Capturing a property in ways that it appeals to the audience is even harder. There are people present, who are skilled in real estate photography.

Going For Photography

Almost every person in this entire world are fond of making poses and have that great image of themselves either for remembrance or for something to brag about being photogenic. Others tend to make it as a hobby buying all these wonderful cameras with all the other gadgets available in order to make every photo the best as it can be.

Creating A Visual And Emotional Surprise With Framed Subjects

Framed arts are one of the basic decors that are found in many homes, business establishments, educational institutions, restaurants and even churches and its offices. Not only that they are utilized because of their ability to transform a dull-looking room into an elegant one and create a visual surprise but also of their ability to rekindle pleasant memories such as in the case or family pictures or citations. The appropriate location as to where they are placed is important so that the beauty of the art is highlighted.

Setting Up Your First Nude Shoot

How to find models for a nude shoot. Setting it up.

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