5 Creative Uses for the Luxli Cello 2 10″ RGBAW LED light

How to Find a Modeling Agency

The Fashion industry is not exactly known for giving jobs to budding models easily. Finding a modeling agency is the single biggest task faced by a new model, even when you avoid all the scam artists that are found in the business.

Modeling Tips

Modeling requires not just physical beauty, but also a great personality and knowledge about how to work in the fashion industry. In this article we talk about both these factors, touching upon professionalism in modeling, modeling portfolios, modeling agencies and how networking helps you in modeling.

Digital Photo Printing

At one time, all of our photos came from a photo lab. The film they were on would have to be developed. Nobody knew how or had the means to accomplish this in their home, so we had to pay to have it executed by a professional.

How to Easily Photograph Wildlife

To get good photographs of animals and birds, you will need to learn to be quick to set up and frame your images. Waiting until you go out into the wilderness to learn these tricks is not a good idea. It is very useful to practice taking shots of your cats and birds in the garden or in the park.

How to Put Together a Modeling Portfolio

A modeling portfolio is almost always the first impression you make on someone, be it your agent or a client; and as the old adage tells us, it may also mean the last or the only impression you may make. With a good modeling portfolio, you make sure that you keep make the best impression possible. In this article, we share tips about what a modeling portfolio contains, how to make one, and other information that will help you in making a stellar modeling portfolio.

Digital Photography History: A Brief Rundown

Digital cameras and photography have been around seemingly forever. This article is an introduction that takes a look back at the history of how digital photography came about and how the technology has evolved from over half a decade ago.

The Different Aspects and Benefits of Photograph Retouching

Photo retouching is the technique of editing digital or printed photos and includes restoration and enhancement of photographs. How does it help? What are its benefits? Let us take a look.

Cutting Glass For Your Framed Photographic Art – A Real Challenge

Cutting glass with a straight edge and a hand held glass cutter can be challenging. This article examines the problems involved in cutting glass manually and makes suggestions on how to solve these problems.

Getting Started in Digital Photography

Starting Out in Digital Photography: What equipment? The questions you need to ask when purchasing your first camera. Probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your quest as a digital photographer, is the purchase of a camera.

Photography Ideas – 10 Things You Can Take a Picture of Right Now

Look around you. There are so many things that exist around you that contain hidden beauty. Try looking at a pencil as a piece of art. It is all about light and focus. All you have to do is practice.

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