5 BEST Photo Manipulation Tools in Photoshop #Shorts

Forced Perspective Photography – 3 Tips To Create In-Camera Illusion

Forced perspective photography can enable you to create an illusion whereby an object appears smaller or larger than it really is. This is a great photo technique that is employed when tourists visit famous monuments around the world, where the subject of the image appears to be leaning against or holding up the structure. The illusion can be created by any photography novice, or someone who is more seasoned with photography techniques, and is simple to achieve. Here are 3 tips to create in-camera illusion – forced perspective photography.

How to Photograph in the Snow

Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to get a beautiful picture of the snow or in the snow? The photos come out dark, making your subject virtually, unrecognizable. Here are some tips to get those pictures right!

Lens Filters for Your Camera Lens

Photographers who use either a manual or digital SLR camera can enhance their images by using lens filters. There are several types of camera lens filters but four of those most commonly used are the graduated neutral density, polarizing, UV, and haze filters. Each is used for different effects on the final image.

How to Improve Images With the Rule of Thirds in Photography

There are many rules to photography, but one of the easiest ways for a hobby photographer to improve pictures immediately is to apply the “rule of thirds” to picture composition in photography. Implementing this technique will increase the visual appeal of your photos. This visual concept goes way back.

How to Choose a Digial Camera

Digital cameras are becoming an essential part of life to capture special moments. Before purchasing a digital camera, be sure to carefully select the camera best for your budget, skills, ideas, and needs. After all, the perfect shot depends on the holder of the camera.

Droste Effect Photography – 3 Basic Tips

The Droste effect is a photo editing technique that can be applied in a number of different photo editing programs. The effect is simple and eye-catching; an infinite number of photos appear in the image to create a piece of work that is reminiscent of the artist MC Escher. Here are three tips on how you can create Droste effect photography.

Birefringence Photography – An Overlooked Photography Technique

The technical definition of birefringence has to do with a material possessing a refractive index varying with the propagation direction and polarization of light. This often leads to light refracting twice before you see it. In terms of photography, birefringence involves using a polarized filter to take a picture of clear plastic that is already under polarized light. The result is photographs that show a liquid combination of colors instead of the normal clarity of light.

360 Degree Panoramas Photography – Useful Tips and Tricks

360 degree panorama photography is simply the best out there when it comes to capturing high quality images filled with emotions and situations. While everyday photography can capture only a moment in time or an aspect of a situation, 360 degree panoramas photography allows you to capture all the surroundings. An increasing number of high-tech devices and apps allow you to create flawless panoramic photos. While using a smartphone work pretty well for private use, you need a digital camera with more than 15 megapixels for high-quality images. In order to succeed with panoramic photography, there are certain tips and tricks you need to be aware of. Follow the following tips in order to get started with 360 degree panoramas photography and leave your friends shell shocked by your accomplishments.

3D Stereoscopic Photography – Using 4 Simple Steps

Stereoscopic photography or what most people call 3D photography is simply capturing and displaying 2 slightly offset photos in order to create 3 dimensional images. The resulting 3D effect is as a result of a unique principle called stereopsis hence the name stereoscopic photography. 3D photos force each eye to be in a different location thus seeing slightly different images. The difference between the images is what makes us perceive depth. In case you are interested in learning how to take 3D photographs, below is a step to step guide.

Photo Editing to Improve Photos

Photo editing is not a new technique and it has been around for a number of years, however, it used to be the preserve of professional photographers and photo editors. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, and the advancement in digital photography, photo editing can be achieved by almost anyone with a computer. Photo editing techniques can be difficult to learn, especially some of the more complicated aspects, such as removing people or items from an image.

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