5 Beginner Night Photography Tips with Gabriel Biderman

Freelance Photography: Is It Worth the Risk?

After the successful completion of your professional photography course, now you want to give a head start to your career! You want to be your own boss and so you have decided to become a freelance photographer! Well, then it is time that you learn about the pros and cons of freelance photography so that you can decide whether it worth the risk or not.

Building Your Photography Portfolio The Right Way

Photography can be a truly rewarding profession if someone practices it in the right way. It can offer some wonderful experience and the same time offer a scope to make a decent income. Yet, for that, you need to establish yourself as a successful photographer.

Glamour Photography – A Thin Line

Glamour photography is a genre of photography where the subjects of photography, usually female, are depicted in a romantic or sexually tempting way. The subjects may be fully clothed or semi-nude, but do not intentionally arouse the spectator and indulging in pornographic photography. Usually still photographs, this sort of photography is most used for commercial purposes – for men’s magazines, pinups, or as the trend goes, calendars.

Child Photography: How to Photograph Babies

Every parent has the desire of capturing the innocent smile of their babies in the camera. However, bringing out the best photographs of babies is not something really simple. If you are assigned to photograph babies, you need to know the intricacies of the job in the right way.

Top Digital Cameras For Rugged Use

Outdoor activities present challenging situations not only for people but even for their photographic equipment. Fortunately, leading camera manufacturers have come up with more sturdy and advanced products fit for the adventurous and active people.

My Experiences of Photographing Silver Jewellery

Photographing silver jewellery can be extremely difficult, but it can be done on a budget. Let me start out by saying that when I say “on a budget” I do mean about 700 GBP, you can spend far less but in my recent experience it will reduce the quality of your images.

Useful Tips For Commercial Photography

9 techniques of commercial photography can be used to develop the products and services of your business. Retailers, whether catalogue or on-line, must understand the importance of uploading attractive photographs of their products and services to promote their business.

What Is Commercial Photography?

The most famous and the wide-spread assignment taken by the commercial photographers are the professional photography on the weddings. This includes not only the event of the wedding but also customary ceremonies and functions leading to the final day of the wedding.

Commercial Photography – Reasons To Call A Professional Photographer For Your Business

Qualified commercial photographers- the question arises that who need these photographers in this digital era of photography? The five explanations to the reason why they must be incorporated in your business’s advertisement budget are as follow…

How To Carry Out Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is the skill of capturing images that are demanded in the market and has monetary value. You can do it on a contractual basis as well as the freelance basis, that is by capturing images that inspire you or by working on specific assignment where you capture a limited range of objects. To start up with this carrier you need a portfolio to display your work.

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