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Photography Market Research

In tough times your camera-time is probably going to be as limited as your cashflow, making it every bit as valuable, so you really need to ensure you only spend it shooting material with real commercial prospects. This means putting in the research time in advance so that every time you’re faced with a photo op, you’re totally clear on what your likely markets are for the subject matter, who a few of your potential buyers might be, and what sort of images they will need.

Image Wrangling One – Images Are Stories

That images are stories is a self-evident truth, not only of photography but of all images, from the child’s drawings through the paintings and sculptures found in world class museums. Images are only one form of narrative or story. We all tell stories all the time. It is through narrative that we humans make sense of things. Stories or narratives are how we relate to the world and how we communicate that sense to others. This is true for each of us and for our societies. It is how we have always done it, as a communicative and social species. The first step in Image Wrangling is understanding and accepting that images are narratives and those narratives are critical to our understanding of who and what we are. Yousuf Karsh did most of his talking through his images. He did share some advice with those who followed, “Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.” As viewers we need to do that too, but the shutter is not an electronic or mechanical device, it is the intellectual act of seeing, of reading the narrative.

Get Great Cybershots With The Sony DSC-TX1 Digital Camera

The Sony digital camera is well-known and a preference to many persons; professional camera personnel and the average picture-taker as well. The Sony dsc-tx1 is a little camera, but don’t let the size fool you. It can actually shoot up to ten frames every second at full resolution. In addition, to its ultra-compact shines even in low-light conditions and it is able to create panorama shots with an effort that is near-zero. Admittedly though, if you are a professional photographer you will readily discern its few cons which include the fact that it has issues with a lack of fine details, as well as a sometimes over-processed look to pictures. However, that does not take away from the fact that this is a great camera to have.

Darkroom Supplies/Equipment That Are Necessary

Whether you are just starting out on your photography career or a professional one, the most important part of your work is in the darkroom supplies you use. To be able to get the most out of your shots, you need to have all the necessary darkroom supplies you can get. Just so you know what darkroom supplies you need to have as a photographer, this article lists the most important ones you need to have in your possession.

Tips for Maximizing Online Photo Sales

Photographers who rely on online photo sales must find a way to encourage high sales in a timely manner. These tips will help guide you in setting a pricing and sales policy that will result in faster, higher sales.

The Passion of Nature Photography

Photographers who choose nature photography choose it because they have a passion for nature. They did not have to make a choice as to what field of photography they would go into, the decision was already made for them. Here is how I explain the passion of nature photography.

Still Life Photography – 8 Simple Tips for Great Shots

It’s easy to set up and shoot still life photography. The choice of subjects is endless, from ordinary household objects like vases or bottle to found objects such as leaves. You will be able to turn good shots in to great ones with these simple tips.

Street Style Photography: Getting Up Close

Street style photography is portraiture in the moment. At any given time, there are hundreds or even thousands of people in the streets where you live, all subjects waiting to be captured. For me, street photography has graduated from an art to an obsession. Everywhere I go I see potential subjects, their unique aesthetic and feel, while assessing both lighting situations and frame.

Why Buy a DSLR Camera

If you’ve every wanted to mess around with photography (and I don’t mean with a disposable camera) then this could be the right time to do so. These days DSLR cameras are more affordable than they use to be. There was a time when you had to come out of pocket thousands of dollars just for a simple entry level camera and that’s not including the lens.

Final Canon EOS 7D Review – Read These Pointers Before You Buy

You have heard so much about the Canon EOS 7D. You want to buy but have no time to do extensive research. Then use these as quick check points to decide whether the Canon EOS 7D is for you or not. Make sure you read this article so that you will make a good decision. Even if you have done your research, you can quickly go through the checks to make sure that you do not miss anything before you buy Canon 7D.

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