4 Quick Bird Photography Tips for Beginners #Shorts

Boudoir Photography – Why British Women Are Stripping Off for the Camera

Boudoir photography is a growing trend in the UK and is it any surprise? Who wouldn’t want to look gorgeous and glamourous – without having to turn back the clock or go on a strict diet! With the help of fashion celebrities like Gok Wan and his TV show ‘How to look good naked’ women are finally learning to appreciate their curves and are finding the confidence to show off the figures that nature gave them.

The Sigma 8-16mm Is Affordable And Efficient

With a minimum focus length of just 8mm, the Sigma 8-16mm is most definitely a one and only. There is no other ultra wide angle zoom lens being produced on the market at the moment that has such a short minimum focus length and is designed specifically for APS-C category image sensors.

Introducing The Sigma 10-20 Lens

Sigma have launched their new ultra wide angle lens, the Sigma 10-20. Available from just 15mm, this lens is the first of its kind in the world and can be used to photograph a huge variety of things; be it panoramic landscapes, towering sky scrapers or huge groups of people, the Sigma 10-20 can handle them all. It is worth mentioning, however, that the Sigma 10-20 is also very efficient when it comes to close up photography as well, given that just a little bit of lens zooming can add a beautiful, delicate edge to your compositions.

Professional Children’s Photographers

Children’s photographers are commendable. They not only know how to capture your child at their best, but they know how to handle your child and make them cooperate properly enough to take their picture quickly and get good photographs out of it. Photographers love their job and enjoy the challenges that come along with their career.

Photographer Services for Families and Couples

Photographers have many different service options. Are you looking to get a family photo package? Is your family kind of slacking in the bonding department?

Professional Photographers for Teens

When you are looking to capture those special moments from your high school year book you are going to want to hire a professional. Professional photographers are going to be able to take care of you very well in a way that you are going to feel amazing in your photographs that they take of you. Professional photographers can help you out with a number of different complications you might be going through.

Using Layers for Photoshop Masking With Color Match

Colors can make or break the image. The right color match plays a big role in Photoshop masking. It can be done with the help of layering. Making use of a selective color palette is the key to some good images.

Digital Photography Tutorial: Isolate With Bokeh

In this digital photography tutorial I discuss the technique of isolating the subject matter of your photograph using the focusing technique of bokeh.  Bokeh is a Japanese word that roughly translates as the aesthetic quality of the blur.  The technique uses depth of field to isolate a subject against a background that is out of focus.

Choosing a SLR Lens

When buying camera lenses know what all those numbers, abbreviations and letters stand for. Know what a telephoto lens is verses a zoom lens. Or what is a telephoto zoom lens and what is a third party lens? Know if the lenses on the camera you have now or if they will fit the camera that you might buy down the road.

10 Top Tips For Photographing Children

We all take so many photos of our kids, but it can be difficult to get that perfect shot when your little model won’t sit still, won’t smile, or will only smile like a cheesy gameshow host! When you try to direct children to pose, they tend to assume bizarre, twisted positions or do things that they never normally would… They say never work with children or animals, but we think it’s all in the approach and the method rather than trying to direct a little bundle of energy to do what you want: “Stand there!” “Don’t make a face!” “Hug your sister!” If there’s one thing you can rely on, giving a small child a direct command is likely to result in the complete opposite!

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