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What Is a Model Expected to Wear for a Photo Shoot? Master These 3 Effective Photo Shoot Styles

What I am supposed to wear for my photo shoot? This is a typical question you will be faced with when shooting photo shoots. In answering this question one has to establish what type of ‘look’ one is trying to achieve. The following are three of the most popular styles that people tend to opt for when doing a photoshoot.

A Closer Look At Muslin Backdrops

Muslin is a type of fabric which is produced from carded cotton yarn and it originated from India. This loosely woven cotton fabric was introduced to Europe in the 17th century. The fabric is pleasantly light and very airy.

Learn the Secrets to Looking Thinner for Your Business Portraits Photography Session

If you are like me, you just hate getting your picture taken. I’ll tell you exactly how to look your best whenever you step in front of the camera. So, how do you look thinner in your pictures? How can you take off at least 10 pounds on the camera? How can you decrease the look of that double chin of yours? Simply positioning your body and head in a certain way can give the illusion of a thinner you.

Forensic Photography – The Unusual Needs of Criminal Researchers

You see them on television shows like CSI crawling through a crime scene taking photograph after photograph. They document the crime scene from every angle. The needs for forensic photography mimic other types of photography, but require a few added twists. Smart forensic photographers commonly use one accessory you may wish to add to your camera, the camera body harness.

The Trade Secrets Of A Product Photography Studio

If you think you can’t afford to hire a professional product photography studio then you may well be getting your sums wrong. Because with all of the tricks of the trade and the inside tips which professional advertising photographers have at their disposal, a product photography studio is about much more than simply lights and cameras.

The Hidden Secrets of Photography Marketing With YouTube

Photography marketing with YouTube is one of the best kept secrets – until now. YouTube is turning out to be much more than just entertaining videos. Did you know that YouTube is a ‘social network’ like Facebook?

Commercial Advertising Photography – Making The Camera Lie In Order To Tell The Truth

Commercial advertising photography is an essential ingredient in a marketing campaign, especially where food, cooking and dining is concerned. Restaurants and hotels in particular are always very keen to make sure that their food looks as appealing in the commercial photographs as it does when served up on a plate. You may well be forgiven for assuming that as long as the food is cooked well and presented as professionally as one might expect in a top class hotel that taking a photograph of it was the easy bit.

A Brief Introduction To Muslin Backdrops

Muslin is a type of fabric which is commonly used for clothing, upholstery, curtains, and even backdrops. This material is made of cotton and originated in India and the Middle East. During the 17th century, people across Europe started wearing clothing made of this material.

Simple Tips For Non-Professional Portrait Photography

Taking better portraits takes patience and practice. Knowing a few simple techniques can dramatically improve your portraiture. This article contains a few simple tips to help you get improved portrait images.

Special Effects Filters for Film Photography

Several suppliers of conventional glass screw-in filters offer a number of special-effects items. Among the most popular are different types of soft focus, fog, diffusion, center color spot, graduated color, dual image, and many prism-generated alterations, including starbursts, radial color, multiple image, and speed effects. B+W, Hoya, Tiffen, Heliopan, and others sell a good assortment of these attachments and filters.

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