3 Reasons to Shoot in Raw #Shorts

LEICA S2 Camera Test: Amazing Value For (A Lot Of) Money

The LEICA S2 camera is a remarkable piece of professional photography equipment. It holds a lot of power and functionality inside a medium format camera body, as you can read in this test of the LEICA S2 camera.

Photo Tip – Light Diffusion, How And Why To Diffuse Your On Camera Flash!

If your flash photography isn’t quite up to snuff. If it is creating harsh unflattering portraits… Here is why, and how to fix it!

Three Fantastic Tips for Baby Photos

Through years of experience in baby photography, these three tips make the top of the list for any level of baby photographer. Appropriate for any baby photo idea shoot.

Photo Tip – To Start Winning Photo Contests, Turn Around!

As Photographers, we often become so fixated on the scene in front of us that we often miss the best shots! Turn around!

Where to Find and How to Photograph Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s most fascinating animals. They are SO small and fast most people never get a good look at them, let alone take a good photograph of these speed ‘demons’. This article offers suggestions on where to find them and how to photograph these wonderful birds.

Photo Tip – How To Eliminate The Dreaded Red, Green and Blue Eye Effect In Your Photography!

If you have had problems with red eye, green eye or blue eye in your photos, here is how to fix it. It’s caused by your on camera flash…

Five Ways to Improve Your Wildlife Photography for an African Safari

There are a few ways to learn nature photography skills such as reading general wildlife photography books or reading interviews of wildlife photographers but the specific ways are the most effective. Here we focus on the three most important specific ways for you to quickly improve the standard of photographs you capture when on an Africa safari.

How to Turn Average Photos Into Stunning Images

It’s not the type of camera that makes an image special, it’s the composition of the image. Applying a few basic and easy to learn principles of photography can turn snapshots into stunning images – easily.

How To Make Money With Selling Your Photos Online

The internet is just in its early stage and the growth in internet based commerce has resulted in a high demand for digital images. Professional photographers are well aware of this and they are constantly searching for ways to sell their work. And with success! Selling photos on the internet is one of them.

Photography – How to Get Inspiration

As a photographer you might reach a rough patch now and then when you simply do not have inspiration. You’ll only be successful at photography if you have a constant stream of ideas to work on. Needless to say, you’ll need to work really hard to ensure that you always have ideas that spur your creativity. If you do not work on this then you might become typecast with regards to the kinds of photos you take.

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