3 Fall Landscape Photography Ideas #Shorts

DIY Holiday Photos

The holiday season is upon us! For any of you camera enthusiasts out there, this is the perfect time to put those cameras to good use. Use photos to show and tell people about your holiday traditions, whatever you celebrate this time of year.

Church Photography 101: How to Plan and Develop a Church Photo Directory

Church pictorial directories are one of the most important elements in a church congregation. It allows the large community to interact and know each other well by merely looking up one another’s names. The whole congregation values church photo directories as priceless possessions because of their amazing benefits.

Creativity of Street Photography

One of the more exciting forms of photography is street photography. With any infinite amount of subject matter to choose from it’s by far one of the more interesting forms of photography. Street photography is a mix of documentary and photojournalism. It’s a way of capturing a subject in their environment at an exact moment in time. While this might sound like all photography. Street photography differs in that your subjects are unaware of what your trying to accomplish with you camera.

Canon Rebel T3i – Beginner’s Digital SLR

Camera manufacturers have introduced lots of new cameras over the past few years. The Canon Rebel T3i is among them. This article is about the new Rebel.

Professional Photographers for Christmas Events

Capturing the expressions on your children’s faces when their favorite present walks in barking on all fours with a giant red bow on his head is something you want to remember forever. Whether it is the gifts, the food, or the Christmas traditions you enjoy the most there is a way to capture it all. By hiring a professional photographer to bring the day to life through photographs, you can relive the day over and over again.

Professional Photographers for the Holidays

What is a better way to remember the smiles and laughter from the holidays then through a plethora of photographs that reveal the special moments that were created on these days? Memories remain for many years to come, but fade in the distance as time plays on. Having a hard copy of your favorite holiday traditions will bring you so close to being back in the picture that you can practically taste Grandma’s home made chocolate chip cookies on your tongue.

Everything You Need To Know About Stock Photography

Photography is the simplest and most elegant way to send a message and create a reaction. Marketing materials that include excellent photography and minimal copy more compelling and engaging. Marketers have choices when it comes to photography, the best being to commissioning a professional photographer for a custom photo session. The benefits are obvious: unique and exclusive images that can be used without any restrictions. But in many cases, due to budget or time constrains, hiring a photographer is not an option. That’s when stock photography comes in very handy.

Laid Back Wedding Photography

I will tell you how to become a more productive, less stressed photographer using a few simple ideas. If you lower your stress level and become more laid back, your couple will love you for it.

Learn the Features and Benefits of the GE X500 Camera

The history of GE in the digital camera industry is aimed mostly toward the mid or low end of compacts and thus the new GE X500 is a bit of a departure. With a bulkier body and 15x optical zoom, this new model will offer a challenge to the more recognized names at the end of the super zoom spectrum.

How To Become A Truly Great Photographer

It is the dream of many people to become a great photographer and it is easy to underestimate what is required to be good at this. This article is a guide to mastering the basics of good photography.

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