3 Easy Ways To Make Colors Pop In Photoshop

Diane Arbus Biography

Diane Arbus is a famous American photographer and writer. She is noted for her black and white square photographs of marginal and deviant people such as dwarfs, giants, and nudist, transgender and circus performers.

Selecting Print Sizes for Your Portraits

The way you choose to display your photos within you home has the power to transform a space. There are many options available when selecting sizes for your prints so it’s important to understand the impact they can have on a space. The first important consideration to make is the size of the room and wall space available, and what your intent is.

DSLR Photo Tip, It’s Not Your Camera’s Fault!

Stop blaming your camera for not getting sharper images! Here is how to fix the problem!

Alfred Eisenstaedt Biography

Alfred Eisenstaedt is a famous German-born American photographer and photojournalist. He is known for his candid photographs and for his photographs during the celebration of V-J Day. He had used various models of 35mm Leica rangefinder camera. Eisenstaedt is considered to be the father of modern photojournalism.

The Dangers of Trying to Be a Photography One Man Band

So here’s a tale of woe and inadequate planning to alert every photographer to the pitfalls connected with being a one man band. Tip: Your friends are without doubt the most valuable resource a photographer has.

Understanding The Limits of Autofocus

Automatic focus (AF) has come a long way in modern cameras. Leica came out with some of the first patents for AF back in the mid-1970s and some of the early attempts to implement the feature on a wide basis were less than stellar. Most used either infrared light or sound to measure the distance to the subject and were easily confused by glass, rain and other obstructions.

Sharpness and Exposure in Bird Photography

This article covers some tips on how to get sharp images in your Bird Photography. It also talks about correct exposure and covers information of the camera’s histogram.

3 Things You Must Get Right to Get Your Microstock Photos Accepted

Want to Sell Your Photos as Microstock? You need to know this…

DSLR Photo Tip, Using The Depth Of Field Preview Button!

The depth of field preview button is one that most of us aren’t using! This is a mistake. Here’s why…

DSLR Photo Tip – Were You Aware That Your Digital Camera Could Do This?

Creative picture controls can make your LCD screen more accurately reflect what you are capturing in RAW format. Here’s how…

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