3 Creative Video Transitions in 30 Seconds #Shorts

See Your World Through An Entirely New Lens With These Tips

Do you have the desire to turn your photography into something envied by others? This article contains tips and tricks that will help you to transform your regular photographs into works of art. Professional photographers take great pictures but they also make improvement by developing photographs themselves.

Portrait Photography – Skin, Love It Or Leave It?

When creating portrait photography, the issue of how much skin should or should not be shown still rages on. The debate is mostly due to fashion photography. Keep reading and find out why…

Are You A Fair Weather Photographer? To Win Photo Contests, Shoot In Bad Weather!

If you have been shooting all of your photographs in good weather, you are missing out on some of the most dramatic photo opportunities! Here is a photography project that can have you winning photo contests in no time!

Entertainment For Your Wedding Reception – How To Select Photos for a Stylish Slideshow

The latest wedding trend is to make a video from your photos, to use as a popular and economical way to entertain your wedding guests. You can use your own vacation, family or other pictures and assemble them into an animated video for your wedding reception. Deciding which pictures to select can be a challenge, so we have several ideas to keep in mind to make your video slideshow memorable for your guests, and to make the selection process go smoothly.

Five Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography

Getting great travel photos isn’t just a matter of luck. Use these five tips to be prepared to bring home great pictures from your next trip.

Here’s A Really HARD Photo Tip

Most photo tips are easy to incorporate into your arsenal of winning photography ideas, and so is this one! Actually it is easy to do, but really HARD to make ourselves do!

4 Fun and Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

Photographs are special, they help us capture moments in time, those unique moments, important moments, moments that happen only once that we wish to cherish. As times change and technology advances we have seen photography go through some exciting and innovative developments. With this has come some interesting and creative ways in which we can display and present our photographs. This post will explore some of these new and creative ways to display your photographs.

Portrait Photography Guide

When I first started doing portrait photography, I wished there was a straight forward guide that explained to me what I needed to do to take awesome portraits. Every book that I read seemed like it contradicted the previous book. One Author would say, you should do things this way and another one would say you should it that way.

Working As A Professional Photographer

If you wish to turn your passion for photography into a career, you will be able to make a living doing something you enjoy. Here, I explain how I did it and now reap the rewards of something which was once simply a hobby.

How to Choose a Photographer

Do you know that photographers don’t require board certification or a license to become a photographer? That’s why people are finding it difficult to determine the professionalism of a photographer.

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