3 Creative Gimbal Moves in 30 Seconds #Shorts

Secret Six Step Process For Selecting A Great Camera!

I am very scientific in my approach to life and that means EVERYTHING has to withstand a scientific test. My scientific approach prevents me from making emotional decisions; it clarifies my decision-making process. The Secret Six Step Process I have used for years in making quality decisions is called the “Reductionist Approach” and I hope it will also benefit you in making a Wise, Scientific and Emotionless Choice in every area of your life. Below are the secret steps revealed:

Important Items to Have When Taking Photography in Inclement Weather

Here are a few tips on some important items you want to have with you when you are out taking pictures in inclement weather. These are a few ideas for us die-hard photographers, who are not going to let a little rain or snow get in our way.

What Is A License With No Royalty Fees?

There are thousands of sites on the internet today that offer photography for use by others. When you make the decision to use one of these works, you need to make certain that you are not violating any licenses and that you understand how you are allowed to use it prior to any publication. You will find yourself in some serious trouble if you use an item incorrectly.

The Different Types Of Photo Images Today

Pictures taken digitally can be shared in a variety of ways. At the same time you can get a good look at how it will turn out as soon as you snap it. Most digital cameras offer an LED screen that lets you decide if you want to keep the picture that you just took or if you need to take another. It can be handy for those times when the shot might be just a little bit off.

Tips For Selling Your Photographic Images Online

Photography is an art that always has room for learning new things. One reason for this growth is the advancement of digital equipment available for you to use. By staying on top of the latest and greatest innovating equipment, you have a better chance of offering the world the kinds of images people want and expect.

My 7 Secret Steps For Taking Better Photographs!

Over the years, I have experimented with numerous theories and techniques on taking quality photographs and I have found these 7 Secret Steps to have worked repeatedly for me and my Canon Rebel EOS T3i. Try them for yourself and leave a comment.

How To Green Screen in Photography Using Free Tools

How to green screen in photography allows you to photograph a subject against a green or blue background and replace that background with a digitial backdrop of your choice. It really is the easiest and less expensive way to put your subject against any backdrop you want without spending a fortune for expensive backdrops. You can do this with existing quality software that doesn’t cost you anything at all.

3 Tips For Photographing Newborns

Newborn babies can be some of the most fun subjects to photograph. However, these photo sessions can seem rather intimidating at times for the photographer!

A Short History Of Aerial Photography

In 1855 the French balloonist and photographer Gaspar Felix Tournachon, who was known as “Nadar,” patented the idea of using aerial photos for surveying and mapmaking. Three years later, in 1858, he took the first known aerial photograph.

Why You Need Camera Bags And Cases

Cameras are expensive gadgets that could easily get damaged especially when exposed to water and moisture. If you spent lots of money buying your camera then it is only fitting that you protect it from any damage.

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