3 Cold Weather Photography Essentials #Shorts

Why Consider Using a Nikon Digital Camera?

Some people still have older 35mm cameras. Should they consider changing over to digital and what could be the advantages?

Photography – Coloring Your Life And Beautifying Walls

We all feel mesmerized when we come across a beautiful flower or when we see a baby smiling; we wonder and yearn to seize that moment and store it in our minds forever. But our brains are not cut out to do so. Not just this, we feel like reliving any special moment that is worth remembering, but alas, we cannot turn time around.

Photography – Capturing The Beautiful Moments Of Your Life

Photography is not just a profession; in fact it is an art. Just like it took the skills of a maestro like Leonardo Da Vinci to paint the beautiful portrait of the mysterious Mona Lisa, to capture a picture perfectly also needs great skills of a good photographer. It is with photography that we can forget our present world and reminisce some special occasion or some special moment in the history of our life that had happened several years ago.

Digital Photography – How To Do It Like The Professionals

The great thing about digital photography is that you have a wide room for creativity once you are in photo shop. You can create any kind of effect by playing around with your shots in any way you choose. So, for in – camera technique for that cutting edge creative and artistic shot, what is the picture like? Let us look at some of the techniques you can play with to get the most professional and artistic shots. It’s all fun and your only limit is how far your imagination can go.

Which to Choose? The Canon EOS Rebel T2i Vs The Canon EOS Rebel T3i

If you’re into photography, you’re familiar with how challenging it can sometimes be to make a crucial equipment decision. With the Canon Rebel series now offering two compelling products, buyers and potential customers are weighing pros, cons, prices, features and finding themselves a bit unsure about which model to purchase. Well this article will do its best to assist you, provide information, insight, and hopefully make the decision making process just a little less…stressful.

Canon EOS Rebel T2i: Comprehensive Review

The Canon EOS Rebel T2i will, to many, seem strangely familiar. That’s because the machinery is a slight rehashing of Canon’s previous model, the T1i, with a minor alteration in price. This new price range, starting at $800, is likely aimed to combat the competition and their impressive, triple digit price tags on items with comparable technological backbone. The new playing ground seems to be high-end cameras hovering around $700-$800, and enter the newest name in the race: the Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

Spice Up Your Engagement Photo Session

Your engagement photo session is almost as important as your wedding photo shoot. The photos do not only serve as souvenirs, but can also be used as save the date cards and wedding reception displays. So, make the photo shoot fun, creative, and memorable by spicing things up.

Learn Photography – A Beginners Guide To Taking Photos

During our lifetime we enjoy to capture photographs of our most memorable events. Whether it’s if our children do anything special, or we’re having fun at a birthday celebration or an all night fiesta, it is always the right time to take out your camera and seize such memories before they disappear for good. So if you would like to learn more about digital photography and different taking pictures techniques, there are a couple of essential things you will have to find out first.

Beginner Photography Training Tips for Newbies

What does it take to get good at photography? Photography training the proper way can make learning how to take great shots easy and a “breeze” whereas other methods will make you never reach that “artistic” and “clean” quality in your photos.

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi at the New Space Gallery

Pascal Ancel Bartholdi is a French photographer based in London. His work conjures up atmospheric stories. His photographs are layered pieces, developing only from film he concentrates on enhancing the monochromatic nature of the images.

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