2 Powerful Ways To SHARPEN Photos! Photoshop Tutorial

Expert Advice In Choosing A Wedding Venue From A Wedding Photographer

The right setting can determine how the tone of the event will turn out or how a certain happening will unfold. The same thing goes for the choice of one’s wedding venue. The wedding is usually the turning point of one’s very own fairy tale.

Learning Photography Ideas to Take Splendid Photos

Learning photography ideas is very simple and you can easily pursue it as a hobby or profession with some help from leading names of the business. This article explains some tips for learning photography ideas that professionals use.

Career As a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an art which when done properly can become a prime source of income for you. More and more number of people are getting attracted towards this profession. It needs lots of practice and experience to become an expert.

Why Mobile Entertainment Is Unique

Mobile entertainment is has been around forever, yet the services provided change from year to year. Not so long ago, bounce houses were the ‘in’ thing to have at your party, and while they are still available and fun, there is much more to choose from. Airbrush tattoos, DJ services, green screen photography, 3D photography, Flip Photos, karaoke music videos, Big Chair Photos, photo booths, cash cubes, facepainting, glitter tattoos, henna tattoos, games and more are everywhere and lots of people are hiring them.

Is Photoshop Really a Girl’s Best Friend?

A master photographer who specializes in nude and boudoir photography discusses whether Photoshop does more harm than good to photographs and to a woman’s self esteem. Is digital editing good for photography? Can Photoshop go too far?

Avoid Blurry Images – Check Your Autofocus Mode

Learning to avoid blurry images is Photography 101. Camera shake or slow shutter speed are the most common causes of image blur. I think we should add default Auto Focus setting in consumer digital SLR cameras as another possible cause.

Get to Know More About Light and What You Should Know About It As a Photographer

Photographers work with a lot of elements to help them come up with pictures that speak their message. Aside from angles, exposure, shutter speed and ISO stuff, proper lighting is also important. In fact, light is an essential factor in photography. So, if you want your photos to come out the way you envisioned them to, you need to learn more about light and how you can use it to your advantage.

Mature Modelling: Advice For The Over 40’s

If you’ve dreamed of gracing the catwalk since you were a little girl, the dream doesn’t have to be over just because you’re in your 40’s. For such a long time, teeny-boppers have dominated the industry, grabbing all the modelling contracts, campaigns and designers attentions. But models no longer have to retire at the tender age of 25, because it has now been discovered that 40 is fabulous. 50 is fabulous. Even 60 is fabulous. More and more agencies and designers are on the look out for a more sophisticated, classic muse.

The Difference Between A Model And A Beauty Queen

There is a huge difference between beauty pageants and modelling. Pageant kids are brought up believing that the spotlight is all about them; how they look, what they can do and how they come across as an individual. They are taught to sell themselves. Unfortunately, in the real fashion world, it is all about the product and selling the product.

Tips For Aspiring Catwalk Models

Many aspiring catwalk models may have the right look, but that is just part of what is needed. In catwalk modelling your walk is most important. It is a mixture of the right equipment, technique, poise and stance. Although professional models always manage to make it look easy, remember, this is what they are paid to do.

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