2 MAGICAL Tools To Adjust Facial Features in Photoshop!

Taking Your Pick of Photography Courses

Photography courses are a dime a dozen especially with the boom in photography as a hobby. Every hobbyist wants to develop their photography skills by taking formal lessons under the guidance of professional photographers. But just because photography classes are available does not necessarily mean that you should enroll in virtually all of these sessions.

Abstract Photography – What It Is and How You Can Create Your Own

A short essay on the nature of abstract photography with examples and a description of how to go about making your own. This is a fairly liberal and impulsive approach to photography, somewhere in between painting and classic photography, abstract photography is a versatile form of art.

7 Types of Trick Photography and Special Effects

With all of the different photo editing software and applications readily available today, it is easier than ever to add great special effects and trick photography illusions to your favorite photos to give them an “otherworldly” appeal. Several other stunning effects can be achieved by making adjustments to shutter speed. By using these tips even the most amateur photographer can make their photos look professional.

How to Photograph People And Save Their Lives

Photographing people is not as simple as “hey, smile” and click. If not careful, you can kill your subject. So here’s how to photograph living, breathing people, and save their lives – on film or file, of course!

Beach Wedding Photography

As summer arrives, so does the urge to vacation near and far. Families, friends and couples all begin to venture out and spend their summers somewhere warmer and relaxing, usually on sandy beaches. Why not preserve these precious memories in family beach portraits? During your time near the sea, you can permanently retain your encounters on fine, sugary sands through the timeless art of photography.

Raising Awareness For Conned Models: Sexually and Financially Exploited

Model scam victim’s tales won’t make the front cover or, let alone, a small feature in the middle of a glossy magazine and one is not likely to read stories like these in the media. Why? The victims are scared of being ridiculed and laughed at, as these scam companies are currently not breaking any law.

The Magic of Light in Photography

As well as light being an essential part of life that we can’t live without, it is also an essential factor of photography that gives a photograph it’s character, shape and form. The quality of light and how it is used with the object that is in front of the camera, go towards achieving the finished product of what your vision is.

Everything You Need To Know About Glamour Photography

Erotic photography was the term commonly used before 1960’s to refer to the alluring photograph of subjects. The faces of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe become famous in the 1950’s as the model for this kind of photos. This leads to the connotation that glamor shooting is all about titillation, nudity, make up and clothes.

Top Wedding Photography Tips – How to Be Prepared for Anything!

A tutorial explaining the top wedding photography tips to ensure a smooth and optimal wedding day photo shoot! Wedding photography preparation tips include – the importance of the family portrait list, timeline development & collaboration, adequate photo equipment & more!

What To Expect In A Boudoir Photography

It is a common misconception of people who are not well versed in camerawork to think of nudity once they heard the term boudoir photography. Well, there is some truth behind it because it is known as the romantic style of taking photos that suggest nudity but, it does not mean that the subject needs to be nude for real.Instead, this work focuses on how to exude the romance and sensuality of the model.

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