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Key Requirements in a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is an exciting and rewarding career chosen by most of the individuals these days. Some of the key requirements for a wedding photographer have been mentioned below in the article.

How To Photograph Marketable Images of Lifestyle Subjects

Lifestyle images photography is one of the most under appreciated stock photography niches. It’s a field packed with high-paying buyers with a never-ending need for fresh contemporary images, and it’s a field many photographers just aren’t interested in. And that makes it one of the most lucrative fields of all for the talented Lifestyle Photographer.

How to Hold Your SLR Camera Correctly

Have you ever wondered why your photographs are sometimes blurry or even feel that your hands are very exhausted after an hour of photo taking session? This may likely be the way you hold your SLR camera.

Pros and Cons of Shooting With Prime Lenses

There are so many types of lenses that a photographer can choose for his/her D-SLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera that it is commonly mentioned that: Between major lenses manufacturers an avid photographer can remain perpetually bankrupt! There is literally no dearth of choice for a photographer today. It depends on the budgets and photographic requirements. Let us get some brief on the lens types and then how you can work with prime lenses.

Sony NEX and Think Tank – A Perfect Combo

Photography has long been one of the most sought after activity by people from all parts of the world. Thanks to social media websites such as Facebook, Orkut, and the likes; the craze of photography has grown manifolds during the last few years.

8 Tips For People Stock Photography That Sells

There’s no question, there is always a demand for quality people photos. All the stock photography books and websites will tell you this, so anyone serious about selling photographs online is going to try and add these to their portfolio on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most photographers do it without really considering the end-user, and as a result, most of the people photos you see online are never going to sell in a million years.

The Beauty of Fine Art Photography

Love to capture open grasslands, and picturesque meadows? Well, if you are like “absolutely”, then preserve your creative shots in fine art photo books. You can also make personalized photo books of your fine art collections and gift them to your loved ones.

Digital SLR Cameras Versus Film Cameras

Digital cameras are everywhere, but it may not be quite time to sell off your old film camera. There are a number of factors, other than just pixel count, which make a difference.

The Benefits of DSLR Cameras

Although a good number of people are ditching compact digital cameras altogether for their cellphone cameras, there has still been an increase in the number of consumers making the switch to DSLR cameras -and I’m not even talking about professional photographers and hobbyists. I have several friends who have little photography skills upgrading and it’s not difficult to understand why. Even if you’re a little unsure about what ISO and aperture mean, DSLR cameras are still simple to use and will give you wonderful results.

Discover Photography: The Art of the Image

Since the time of Stone Age Man, when images of the animals and men hunting were first used to decorate the walls of cave, we have been fascinated by the captured image. Although it was not until the invention of photography that truly made this fascination into a form that everyone could enjoy regardless of artistic ability. People all over the world take pictures of themselves, relatives and friends, pets and landscapes whether or not there is a particular circumstance or reason. Nevertheless how much do we actually know about when it comes to photography? Below are some of the different kinds of photography that will help us learn more about the significance of the different way of taking photographs.

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