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Wedding Photographers Photoshop Editing Tip – Making Your Images POP With a Little Contrast

So you wonder what makes some images look more “professional” than others? I wondered the same thing for a long time until I finally found the secret. And that secret is the magic use of contrast. If you shoot in RAW (and I hope you do for many various reasons that we shall discuss in another topic) then you probably notice that the images come out looking rather flat. In my opinion, this is a good thing. If the photos came straight out of the camera with too much contrast applied, then you run the risk of having blown out highlights or loss of detail in the shadows. As wedding photographers, we cannot have that because some of the main colors we shoot are white (wedding dress) and black (tuxedo). Let’s get started!

Panasonic 14-45 F/3.5-5.6 OIS Micro Four Thirds Lens Review

If you need a great and affordable camera lens the Panasonic 14-45 camera lens is for you. This camera lens offers a broad variety of features including great picture taking. You can take all kinds of pictures with this camera, to the complex landscape to the simple portrait, this camera is right for you.

Panasonic 7-14mm F/4.0 Micro Four Thirds Lens Review

The Panasonic 7-14m is a wonderful camera lens for any photographer out there. It has a very wide shooting angle of 114 degrees which allows it to fit people and things into the photograph where other cameras cannot. This camera lens can pick up on images that other camera lenses cannot giving you the most amazing pictures ever.

Olympus 35mm F/3.5 1:1 Macro Zuiko Lens Review for E Series DSLR

If you want a great lens that will allow you to capture great pictures the Olympus 35mm Macro is the right lens for you. This lens is ultra light weight and allows for many great pictures. This lens was designed exclusively for digital photography and has not disappointed those who are digital photographers. This camera delivers rich colors no matter what kind of picture it is taking. It can even take the most vivid pictures of coins and stamps. The Olympus 35mm Macro has a built in CPU which makes it correct exposure information, shading, and lens distortions as soon as the picture is stored within the CPU. This gives you the best and most impressive picture.

Olympus 40-150mm F/4.0-5.6 ED Zuiko Digital Lens Review for Olympus DSLR Cameras

The Olympus 40-150mm camera lens is a very popular lens for photographers. This lens boasts of telephoto zoom which allows for the most optimal picture to be taken while minimizing any bad spots in the picture. The zoom rate is great and there is high picture quality no matter what the zoom range happens to be. Even at a close range this lens takes wonderful breath taking images.

Olympus Zuiko 14-42mm F/3.5-5.6 Digital ED Lens Review for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras

The Olympus 14-42mm is a great lens that works with all of the Olympus digital SLR cameras. This camera has 3x standard zoom lens and is the lightest and smallest in this lens class. It features a focusing distance of only 25cm. This lens also has extra low dispersion with two aspherical lens elements that correct any problems without increasing the lens dimensions. There is a circular aperture diaphragm that allows for beautiful defocusing which has been a huge selling point with this lens.

Getting Started on Digital Underwater Photography

You have probably seen hundreds of photos of seas and oceans. The sun looks particularly amazing in shots showing it rising or setting in a far-off horizon across a vast expanse of water. These shots show only the surface of the ocean. However, what lies beneath the surface can provide your camera with equally interesting subjects.

Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

There are times when you find yourself in a middle of a beautiful landscape scene and you want to capture that image to preserve it. So you take your camera and start shooting. When you have the picture printed, you find that what you shot didn’t depict the beauty that you experienced. Why is this so? It’s because you and your camera see things differently; your perspective is selective while your camera just takes in all that it sees. Fortunately, there are ways to make your landscape photos convey what you want, if you follow some photography tips for beginners.

What Is Infrared Digital Photography?

Infrared of IR is a form of light wave that is not visible to the human eye. In the electromagnetic spectrum, IR waves are grouped between visible light and radio waves, having a length of one to two hundred microns or millionths of a meter. Being invisible, how is infrared used in photography?

Digital SLR Photography Tips for Shooting Wildlife

Technology has made digital cameras more affordable and lightweight and digicams are becoming as common as mobile phones these days. In the world of digital photography, one item that is gaining in popularity is the DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera.

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