10 Tips You NEED to Know for Cinematic Drone Footage

How Can Kids Add to Your Wedding Photos?

Some think that kids liven up the atmosphere of the wedding but some are worried that they might ruin their special moment. Children are unpredictable by nature but like the little angels they all are, they can cast magic on your wedding photos.

Picking a Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination wedding brides have a few options when selecting a photographer. One option is to select a photographer already in the area.

Canon MT-24ex Macro Twin Lite Flash System Review

For photographers, the ability to capture the imagination through digital media and photography transcends definition and for Macro photographers, bringing the tiniest details of the natural and synthetic world to light is a gift and coveted art form. The combination of experience, quality equipment, and the ability to see the shot is an important equation in achieving quality pictures. Whether you’re just beginning your journey in Macro photography or have been shooting for years, the Canon MT-24EX flash system is an ideal addition to the equipment of professional and amateur Macro photographers.

Factors to Remember About Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is an art form that can do miracles in an ordinary photograph by converting it into a beautiful and artistic painting. In today’s world there are lot of online as well as offline companies that provides canvas printing service that converts ordinary photographs into pieces of art. However there are some things that you should keep in mind when you are sending your photographs to such companies and this article speaks about those factors.

Darkroom Manipulation Vs Digital Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is not just a simple method of color correction. It also implies the total process of image makeover. It is no longer a hidden art. Earlier it was done manually in darkrooms. Today digital photo manipulation is done. But which is more effective-darkroom or digital tweaking?

7 Ways a Model Can Turn a Photo Shoot Into a Nightmare – Simple Rules for a Successful Photo Shoot

Occasionally I come across models that out of carelessness and neglect they manage to turn a prospective photo shoot into a nightmare. There are unwritten rules that are obvious for some but not for others when shooting a session. It is high time that these rules are put down in writing and followed rigorously. I am sharing these rules with both models and photographers in mind.

Photography Montage

Simply put, photography montage is the process of making a composite photo from several different photographs. The process has been in use since the mid eighteen hundreds and took place in the photographer’s darkroom.

Professional Photographers for All Your Photography Needs

Hiring a professional company is an ideal decision in the direction to enjoy the best possible results from your photography project. Such a company provides customers with excellent clarity at an affordable rate.

Using The Autofocus Feature To Achieve Sharp Photos

It’s a fact that digital cameras have become more advanced today that they require little effort from users in order to capture the best images possible. More features have been enhanced through the years that allow people including children to use digital cameras with great ease.

Digital Camera Image Formats: RAW Vs JPEG

A comparison of the two most commonly available image formats for digital photography: RAW and JPEG. Why do the pros use RAW?

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