10 Tips to Improve Your Photography

Digital Photography Tip – Learn To Edit

You know you are guilty.  You just got back from a week’s vacation in Hawaii and you took your new DSLR camera with you. You photographed everything. So you ran to the local big box store when you got home and proceeded to stick the memory card in the kiosk and print all 400 photos you took.

What Wedding Video Editing and Shooting Style Do You Prefer?

Perhaps after the food, the wedding venue and the wedding dress, the wedding video is the most important item in your wedding list. Well, okay, the groom is also important. But wedding videos not just happen they need thought and lots planning prior to the event. The style of shooting and editing has to be discussed and determined before the wedding takes place. You should seat with your wedding videographer to decide whether you want the final video to be more like a documentary, a music video or a feature film, otherwise called Journalistic, Highlight Reel or Cinematic styles. You and only you should decide in which one of this categories you want your wedding video to fall on.

How To Make Easy Money With Your Digital Camera

It is for me to say, since I work for many years in the industry but even for a person just starting with digital photography, there are sure-fire ways to make money using guts and a digital camera. In this article I will describe a few of these ways. Before I begin let me clearly state that even a complete newbie can implement these tactics and earn money.

SX30is Review of DSLR

Everyone can be a photographer today. Digital photography has paved the way into taking photos a lot less complicated via dependable options.

EOS 60D Review of DSLR

Digital photography is taking over the world of photography. Shooting photos on film isn’t as popular due to the fact digital SLRs have completely revolutionized picture-taking.

Pose It Well Post It Really Good

Making beautiful and unforgettable poses is one of the best hobbies a person can get hold onto. In fact, not all people have the skills and capabilities of making good if not great poses like the others. Hence, making model like poses always tend to make us stand out of the crowd and make you more appealing than anybody else.

Best Ways to Share Photos

Sharing photos has become a lot more popular now that every cell phone not only seems to have a camera, but also easily connects to the internet. The key is choosing the right platform in which to share them. For some people social media sites are a better option, whereas others prefer sites that are dedicated to photo sharing.

Photo Enhancement – An Excellent Way to Improve the Quality of Your Photographs

Photo enhancement is a process where digital retouching is used to correct various flaws or errors, usually taken place by a photographer. This is used to make a photographs look better.

Best Nikon Lenses: Top 5 For Your Perfect Shot Every Time

With so many Nikon lenses available its hard to pick the perfect one for your needs. Let this list of lenses take care of the decision for you!

Canon Lens Reviews: Top 5 To Wow The Competition

Looking for your perfect canon lens? Don’t spend a dime on any camera lens and get a perfect shot every time after checking out these Canon lens reviews!

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