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Transfer Photos From Camera to Computer

With the explosive mobile telecommunication industry comes unprecedented changes to photographers’ workflow. Since we can snap a picture with our smart phone and immediately send it on its way to our friends, family, computer, or digital repository, what used to be standard practice of transferring pictures now seems unbearably slow. Because of phones’ lack of bit depth and resolution, however, serious photographers still deal with transferring pictures to their computer. By today’s norm, we want this process to be as streamlined as possible. After filling up our cameras with pictures, we eventually have to get those files to safety on our computer. We want the process to be the same every day, week, and month– all the faster it will be done each transfer. It should become rather involuntary over time. My process to transfer photos from camera to computer has been refined since my first camera at age 16! The answer is a simple combination of a few steps. The results are an organized photo folder that contains pictures that will be editable for decades to come. My process is the best for my needs; hopefully it will help develop your workflow.

Location Photography Gear

The learning experience of one professional portrait photographer with regard to what is needed and not needed to take along on location assignments. From starting out with just a camera to moving into a studio with several lights, then moving out on location. Lots of gear is fun to work with, but cumbersome on location. Here’s what I learned…

How to Pose for a Photographer

Hiring a photographer for a professional shoot is the best way to capture a moment forever, whether it is for an engagement, wedding or family portrait. A professional photographer is also a must-have for head shots, if you are looking to break into a career of acting or modeling. A photographer will have plenty of ideas for the shoot and will recommend locations, clothing and poses.

Better Photography Isn’t Rocket Science

Find out about the easiest way for regular folks to make better pictures without the need to be an expert. It’s amazing what a camera’s “Menu” button has in store!

The Science Behind Image Stabilisation

Image stabilisation (IS), or vibration reduction (VR) if you are a Nikon fan, is a collection of techniques used to reduce blurring caused by the excessive motion of a camera during exposure. Most photographers, amateur and professional alike, understand the value of IS as it often difficult to get a stable position to take a picture from especially if you are travelling in a car, plane or train etc. IS is even more critical in video recording due to the longer exposure time, but how exactly does it work?

Retouching Is Not Just For Celebrities

When we look at the people on the covers of our favorite magazines, they seem so effortlessly perfect that we could never really hope to look at beautiful or as handsome in our photos as they do. However, the truth is that even they themselves do not look that great in photographs – at least not until they have been retouched to soften the skin, remove the pimples and eradicate the wrinkles. The good news for the rest of us is that it is now really easy for pretty much anyone to retouch their own digital photos using online tools, apps and software packages. Now re-touching is not solely the domain of celebrities, we mere mortals are getting in on the action too.

Making The Most Of Your Digital Images

We live in an increasingly digital world and the technology which surrounds us on a day to day basis is constantly evolving. As a result, we are now able to do a whole range of things that we would previously have had to rely on professionals for. One of those things is photography. With the rise of digital photography, there has been a corresponding increase in the availability of apps and software packages designed to edit our images. This allows anyone with a camera and a computer to do some photograph re-touching whenever they choose. Flawless images are no longer the preserve of the glossy magazine, they are now making their way into the pages of our family scrapbooks and photo albums.

Family Lifestyle Photography

Family lifestyle photography is all about you and your family, your life and style. It is about capturing memories that you will always treasure.

Pleasurable Photographs and Long Term Memory

Refreshing my memories about things so long in the past happens now through the family albums and the photographs taken back then. Without my camera this pleasure would be denied me and so many who have lost their pictures in recent floods, fires and other disasters cannot share in that joy.

Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Photos

In this article you can find tips for improving your photographer skills. Read it carefully and try to apply them.

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