10 bit Video Recording. Is it worth it? 8 Bit vs 10 Bit #Shorts

Digital Photography – Lighting for Perfect Pictures

Learn how lighting plays a big part in digital photography and how it helps beginners take better digital photography images. Learning how to light well reduces your reliance on camera technology and post processing as well.

What Is Missing From Your SLR Camera?

When you buy your first SLR camera you can almost be guaranteed one item will be missing. The box your SLR camera usually will have the camera body, a single lens, if you are lucky it includes a rechargeable battery for your camera, and most likely it includes either a wrist strap or a neck strap for your camera. So what is missing? Security, comfort, and the confidence found in using a SRL camera harness is the missing element.

Great Pictures of Newborns

Taking pictures of your newborn can be difficult and frustrating. They can’t just stand there and do what you tell them. This article describes a few techniques that can help you capture a great creative digital photograph of your newborn. While it may not be easy, it will definitely worth it. They are only this small and precious for a very small window. Take advantage of it!

What Services Do Professional Photographers Provide?

Professional photographers offer more services than you think. While you can take pictures in your back yard with your digital camera, a professional photographer can do much more for you.

Professional Studio Photographers

Professional photography is a great way to capture those special moments. There are many different things that professional photographers can capture with their skills that are just not the same with your personal camera. People have many needs for photographers.

How Do I Find a Great Wedding Photographer?

Choosing a photographer with a good ‘eye’ and a style and vision that matches your own, can be the difference between stunning photos and disappointing bland images. You will only being doing this once, so it’s best not to leave things to chance. I often hear about brides’s biggest regret is a lack of thought when choosing a wedding photographer.

Cut the Junk – Effective Cut Out Image Techniques for Product Packs

Many businesses have gone online. The virtual product gallery is the new shopping mall. Sometimes product packs are used. But how can one remove the junk of excess background? The use of cut out image is useful.

Professional Photographers

Professional photographers can make such a difference in your pictures. Aside from all their professional equipment, their angles and knowledge of location can really make a big improvement from your digital camera. Safe professional timely service is hard to find but there are certain things you can look for to tell if they’re really as good as they say they are.

5 Tips on Capturing Family Moments

Here are 5 Tips on how to capture great family moments. You don’t have to leave the work to professionals. Some simple tips can go a long way in achieving creative digital photography. Use these easy tips on setting up and finding great shots.

What Professional Photography Entails

Photography is a very broad field of endeavor and also a very competitive one indeed. It’s an intricate form of art that requires complete precision in all its facets. It doesn’t matter what area of photography you specialize in, be it wedding and bridal, nature, children or model photography, one still needs to be a skilled, creative, attentive to be able to get the best of it.

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