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The Difference Between Modelling Agencies and Modelling Studios

Many people, young and old, in all shapes and sizes see models in the world around them and wonder if they may also have what it takes to become a model. However, most people have no idea what the first steps into modelling are and like many people who are unfamiliar with a problem, assume there is more to it than there really is. Here we discuss the difference between a modelling agency and studio.

Plus Size Modelling Is In Demand

Recently, there has been desperation amongst designers and brands for ‘bigger’ models. Debenhams, the high street store has started to use size 10-16 mannequins to display clothes in stores across the country. This is because it’s a better representation of the women that are going to buy them.

Old School Approach to Technology

In today’s fast paced, measured, data-driven, online targeting world, where top notch companies are actually realizing how being customer focused alone isn’t going to help them much in the long run. Measurable results and actions, sure are all that matters when it’s comes to putting your customers at the center of your business, only then can you actually be called customer-oriented.

How to Take Good Pictures With These Basic Photography Tips

If you don’t know how to take good pictures using either a digital camera or your phone camera, you could be missing out on that one-time perfect moment because you’re not acquainted with the features of the camera. In particular, many pictures taken with the camera phone are mediocre due to poor photographic techniques. Everyone has a camera phone these days but not very many invest the time to educate themselves on the very basic photography tips for how to take the best pictures with their phone camera.

Creative Photography: 10 Things A Successful Photographer Will Never Do To Stay Creative

Creative photography is a special type of photography that strives to discover new patterns, color, adventure and beauty among many other things. This makes creative photography very exciting. It awakens all the senses of a photographer adding a very artistic touch to their final work. Many amateur photographers dream of becoming creative photography pros. There are however very few who actually master it although creativity is an inborn aspect of life in everyone. Successful photographers have already learned to keep their creative juices flowing which is why they enjoy tremendous success in their trade. They also know much more on every aspect of photography. Most importantly, they know what they shouldn’t do as professional photographers. If you are interested in knowing what you shouldn’t do as a professional photographer in order to stay creative, you are in the right place. Below are 10 things a successful photographer will never do to stay creative.

Wedding Photo Booth For Maximum Enjoyment

Wedding events are considered one of the best and important social events. These occasions are a life time occasions for individuals who are getting married. So, it is necessary for them to plan much in advance so that they have an entirely unique experience, and give an exceptional experience to their guests too. The main attractions of a grand wedding reception are food, beverages, colorful flower decoration and a wedding photo booth.

Professional Photography Course To Master The Camera Art

Capturing spectacular images is an art. Some are proficient in that art while some are novice. Your skill in the art of photography, can earn you your bread and butter. On the other hand, if you are just a beginner, then you can opt for a photography course. There are many institutions that have a variety of programs and they have practical uses too. It is you who needs to decide how you want to go ahead, which course will suit you and from where you want to pursue the course. To get perfect results, you must dedicate yourself to the research. Even after you find the right institution, you must work hard to master the art of taking snaps.

Learn Special Effect Photography

Photography is not only a fun pastime, it can be a great extra income source. Learn the tricks the pros use to make amazing special effect photographs.

Photography and Where to Start

If you have become interested in photography and started looking up online where to begin, I am sure you have become overwhelmed with options. This article is designed to demystify photography as a beginner and get you up and running in no time. Hopefully you will learn along the way and save some money while doing it.

Capturing Portrait Photographs That Leave An Impression

Photographs always revolve around people. Be it party photos, travel captures or birthday photographs involving lovely children, there is a continuous need to click pictures every single day. Portraits are not the same as photographs of people. The main aim of capturing a portrait is to reiterate one particular feature or character of the person photographed.

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