🪄 Automatically White Balance a Photo in Photoshop

Photographing Children – Tips on How to Photograph Kids

Children can often be very difficult to photograph well. They move constantly, will not sit still, require you to move your body to get unique angles, and are never ready when you are. The perfect shot exists only for a moment and second chances are almost impossible to get. Adding fill flash or reflector light into the frame can make the difficult almost impossible. Yet, with careful thought and attention, amazing results can often be obtained. By paying attention to the emotion they portray, the perspective of the shot, and ensuring that our photographs are sharp, even with a quick moving subject, we can capture those perfect memories in a striking way.

Digital Photography Tips – Capturing the Spider’s Web

There are few things in nature that can compare to a spider’s web. Intricate, delicate, fragile and strong are all words that easily apply to this marvelous creation. Getting a beautiful image of this wonder is easy if you know the tricks. I’ll tell you how you can start shooting like a pro next time you come across one of our eight-legged friends.

DSLR Comparison: Canon T2i Vs Sony A560

The best selling T2i DSLR from Canon versus a new entry in the Sony Alpha line, the a560. We compare these two cameras, look at the details and find that despite its great sales success, the T2i isn’t a runaway winner. In fact, if you’re thinking of a new entry-level DSLR, you should be looking at the a560 before you make a decision.

Is The Camera Film Already A Thing Of The Past?

The digital camera, no doubt, has overtaken the traditional camera that uses film. So is it really safe to say that the film is already dead? Many people, for sure, will not agree.

Beginner Photography Tips For Better Photos

You Have Been Warned: This is an extremely long post, one of which that does not contain any technical photography tips, but instead focuses on simple yet powerful photography tips for the beginner just starting out. With that in mind, I’d strongly advise you to read through the whole article, even if you’re an average amateur, just to freshen up on the mental aspect of photography. I’ve never written an article on my way of thinking when taking pictures, but I think it’s cool because it’s not like your everyday photography tip article.

The Search for Quality

Quality – is defined in a dictionary as: “A high grade of excellence.” Are we creating high-grade images? Quality here refers to the hardware the photographer uses to take a picture and the post-production. To craft an image every part of the process must be tuned to achieve that goal.

Testing DSLRs to Shoot Video

So much has been said about the benefits and outstanding picture quality of using one of the new large image chip DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and others that we decided to do a test. It is unquestionable that the large image chips these cameras incorporate have raised the quality of the image produced to a level that was ony achievable with much more expensive video cameras in the past. So with this in mind people are jumping on the bandwagon and buying what are essentially still cameras with video recording features (DSLRs).

Making the Jump From JPEG to RAW

While shooting RAW comes with some mild inconveniences, the benefits are nearly endless. From the ability to correct mistakes, to future proofing your images, RAW files offer tremendous flexibility.

Heaven Is a Single Lens Reflex Camera

More interesting information about how the changing film formats helped different styles of camera production and how the more sophisticated single lens reflex cameras came to be. The short but rapid development of the photographic industry contrast with older religious attitudes.

Lenses – Save Money Without Losing Quality

Let’s face it, lenses can be very expensive. A basic 3 lens setup to cover a popular range of focal lengths could cost you in excess of $6000 without trying.

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