🖌️ Photoshop Brush From a Photo!

Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day fast approaching (June 19th in case you weren’t sure) many are trying to find the perfect gift for dad. The requirements for the perfect gift usually include making sure the gift is unique and special, but not too expensive. One type of gift that meets these two requirements is a photo gift.

Understanding Your Camera’s Function Wheel: What Do Those Letters and Symbols Mean?

Camera manufactures continue to invent new ways to make photography easier for us. One of these ways is to have a wheel of preset functions to dial when we encounter specific photographic situations. For most people, they either don’t fully understand their function wheel’s symbols mean or misunderstand what they mean. Let’s explore each of them so you can be more confident when using your camera and achieve the exact results you’re looking for.

Underwater Camera’s Two Little Secrets – What to Buy and How to Take Beautiful Photos

This article has been written to help the reader who wants to buy a digital underwater camera. Furthermore, it gives tips for using the camera effectively and taking beautiful pictures.

Proven Beginner Tips for Wedding Photography

So, you have bought your first digital SLR camera. You have familiarized yourself with and are just starting to get comfortable with taking quality shots when a relative or friend approaches you to help cover an upcoming wedding ceremony. Simple but effective tips to point you to being a great wedding photographer!

There Are Two Great Ways to Reduce Expenses If You Are Photographing With Film

Many people are still photographing with film and the expense of purchasing, processing and printing can run into a small fortune. There are two possible solutions to help save money and time. First, one of the easiest ways to save money is by controlling the amount of film being used. Basically, take the best possible exposures from the beginning and this will save on the quantity of film you use.

Mega-Pixels And The Best Camera For You

We have all read and heard the ads; this camera has 12.2 mega-pixels, this one has 14.4 mega-pixels, and of course the price of the camera reflects how many pixels are on the sensor. The questions arise, “How many pixels do I really need”, and “What is a mega-pixel anyway?”

The Best Camera Brands For Wedding Photography

Which camera brand should I buy if I’m planning to become a Wedding Photographer? This article will answer that question for you once and for all.

Leica Decks Photoshop

One of the underlying themes that interest me is how really fast our world really does change. I can remember about 25 years ago how pleased I was to get a telephone installed in my truck and it only took about a half a day.

Harness the Power of Simplicity in Your Photos!

It’s well known that we humans can only take in a limited amount of information at a time, but when we take photos we often find ourselves trying to cram in as much as possible. This leaves us with photos with no single point of focus, that lack impact. In most cases, the power of a photo is inversely proportional to how many different elements it has.

Underwater Photography: Does the Camera Really Matter?

The camera does NOT matter. Many times I get asked if I should buy Nikon, Canon, this model or that model… what you should be asking is what kind of lenses you need for the type of photography you want to take. Yes, I’m talking here about DSLR cameras (more about point and shoot below). Spend less money in the body that has the features you are looking for, and spend the rest of your money in good lenses. A very good expensive camera with cheap lenses will deliver low quality photos; revert the order and you have a great combination.

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