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Using Depth-Of-Field

These days we can take out our digital camera, be it a compact or a SLR or whatever, and we can point-and-shoot. As long as you have the dial set to either Auto or “P” then everything is taken care of, even focusing. Most of us take photos to record holidays or family events and even day to day occurrences, but sometimes we take a photo just because we like what we see.

Vacation and Travel Photography Tips

If you’re not a professional photographer and you take your camera with you whenever you travel, this article could help make your photographs look so much better. There’s much more to know about making beautiful photographs than just clicking the shutter.

Digital SLR Buying Tips

You fancy buying a new camera and you don’t really know what to buy but you’ve heard the term “digital SLR” bandied about and everyone says they’re great. You search the internet for digital SLR buying tips and there are loads but nobody tells you what the SLR bit actually means and maybe you should know before you take the plunge so here is a brief description.

Faster Way Of Transferring Images To The Computer

People today love to share photos they take whether from their digital cameras or from their mobile phones. They share the images in a number of ways such as via email or through the popular social media networks. But while some are tech-savvy enough to allow them to transfer images from their gadgets to computers, the others are not that skilled.

Why You Need to Understand Aspect Ratio Before Printing Photos

Have you ever printed a photo and part of the image was cut off? Did you think that the printer you chose printed your photo incorrectly? Maybe you called and complained about how they messed up your photo and demanded a refund.

Surefire Tips for Amazing Nature and Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a genre of photography devoted to capturing and sharing vast open spaces all around the world. It is an area that specializes in seizing the true essence of life the way nature has intended it to be, with little or even no human obstruction or involvement. There is no absolute rule that defines a landscape photo. Landscape photography is a broad term that could include seascape, nature, urban, industrial, and even macro photography.

Taking Black and White Photos

It is often believed that good photos are ones with beautiful colors. However, there are other forms of photography such as black and white, monochromatic, infrared etc. There is much more than simple shining colors in pictures.

8 Tips To Be A Better Pet Photographer

Children might be the most popular subject for photography, but pets trail at a close second. Perfect pictures of your pets would become possible by using these tips.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

In today’s world, it’s clear that value for money is more important than it has been for quite a while. However, when choosing a photographer bear in mind that you’re not buying a commodity where you can easily compare features with price. Ultimately you’re buying the artistic ability of your photographer; can he/she interpret your needs in the way that you want.

Digital Photography – What We Have Lost

In the mid 1970s I organized a yearly trip to Blackpool for all the members of our youth club. we were all aged between 17 and 18 and basically it was a boozy fun day out where we would ride all the rides at the pleasure beach, eat way too much junk and spend the evening in the pubs drinking way too much and then all pile back in the bus at 10pm hopefully sitting next to the boy we had ‘fancied” for ages Another thing we always did, we always took a ton of photographs. We all had…

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