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Learning About Photography – The History, Uses And Production of Photography

Photography is the art and process of creating still life pictures by recording radiation on a sensitive medium. This is photographic film, or electronic imaging sensors that can capture the picture. Light is usually used instead of radiation in most cases of photography. When the light is reflected from the objects that are being captured, the objects form a real image on a light sensitive film or plate inside the camera using a timed exposure. This image can then be developed into a visual image for many purposes.

Getting Started With 120 Film And Analog Photography

The most common type of medium format film is called 120 film and was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century. At the time, it was used all over the world by amateurs as well as professionals. 120 film was gradually replaced by 35 mm film as the most popular format.

5 Tips for Making High Resolution Photos

Have you ever ordered photos and got them in the mail or from the drugstore only to realize that they are blurry, unclear, and maybe even pixelated? If so, you may have been quick to blame your photo printer. It has to be their fault right?

Challenges of Rule of Thirds

One of the most common “rules” that are applied by the amateur and professional photographers is the Rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds, states that ideally the subject of the photograph should be at the junction of any of the four lines that divide an image in nine sections.

Family Photography Tips

Family photography may at first glance appear to be one of the easiest genres to ‘get right’ but that very familiarity with your subjects can present problems for you as a photographer. In order to make good and impactful photographs you have to be distant from your subject matter yet be empathic. With this in mind you will be identified by members of your own family as ‘the official photographer’ due to your obvious interest in photography.

The 2011 Trends for Compact Cameras

In the beginning of the year, we already started to see a new wave of features on many new compact digital cameras and you can bet that pretty soon all cameras will soon be equipped too. We’re starting to see more compact cameras providing the quality and speed of DSLR cameras, and without such a hefty price tag. Look for these great trends to continue throughout the year and into the next.

Action Photography On The Rocking Edge

Street photography has been the hottest action photography trend since internet videos went viral and average dudes became celebrities for lighting their farts. Before that, video tubers were dropping candy into soda to watch it explode. Now, the need for video on the go has grown intensely more necessary, in fun and in all seriousness.

High Volume Photography – How to Make Real Money in the Photography Industry

This is the beginning of a series of articles (and future book) on what I like to call “High Volume Photography” (HVP). HVP is one of the only ways a new photographer can make any “real” money starting out in this business.

The Canon Eos Rebel T2i Review

For anyone looking at getting into digital SLR photography, or who wants to take a step up from their current point and shoot digital camera, then the Canon Eos 550d or Canon Rebel t2i (which are the same camera) is the perfect solution. At the time of this article there are not really any other cameras that have all the features that this little gem has crammed into the one unit. Some of the more expensive cameras have some of the features but not all, which really makes this camera great value for money.

Wedding Photography Tips – How to Maintain Ambient Background Light: Bouncing Your Flash

Weddings by their nature have very beautiful background scenery. This scenery is carefully planned and set up for hours before the big day. So how do we shoot in low light situations and have the backgrounds visible, but our subjects also properly exposed, without harsh shadows and in sharp focus? The answer is bouncing our flashes.

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