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Sharing Your Memory

Today, it is less the norm to have photos printed for prosperity and more the norm to put them on a hard drive, and to share them via email, Facebook, Flickr or any other of a number of social media sites. But what many people take for granted, many others still feel unsure about. This article has thus been written, to help those used to normal SLR cameras make the transition to digital SLR cameras and to learn how to download photos.

Understanding The Importance of Light in Photography

Many new photographers are too caught up in deciding what are the “correct” camera settings, without realizing that the most critical factor in photography is light. This article shares with readers the importance of light and the role light plays.

Choosing Lenses

When it comes to making a decision about photography equipment, more often than not, people base the bulk of their decision on the camera body and the camera body alone. But anecdotal evidence shows that the bulk of digital SLR camera purchases are made for the short term, with little thinking given to the future and what equipment changes or upgrades may need to be made at a later date. In fact more consideration should be given to the future use of the camera.

Characteristics of a Successful Wedding Photography Business

A wedding photography business can be a particularly rewarding career. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and so tend to be more recession-proof than most other things in this current economic climate. If you are able to provide a good service, you will probably be well rewarded for your expertise and experience. The job satisfaction you are able to achieve by providing the bride and groom with memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives is a real privilege.

Learn to Improve Your Photography by Reading Interviews With Professional Nature Photographers

If you want to improve your nature photography one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to see what professional photographers are doing and then try to emulate them. Some people have said you should not copy others but try to obtain your own style. We disagree with this as we improved our nature photography by following advice from professional photographers and then trying to capture photographs that they had made. Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from people who have tested certain photo gear, have come up with solutions to photographic problems and have developed photo techniques that work. This is how we learnt and you can too.

How to Use Your Camera: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

With digital cameras being easy to use and giving instant results, there are more people using cameras today than ever before. There is a higher percentage of people picking up a camera and wanting to learn how to use the camera better.

Click Your Way to Success As You Attend Photography Classes

If you have a great eye for striking scenery, you should definitely not waste your talent. Some consider it a natural, innate talent that needs further development. Once you enhance this talent, you won’t regret going through the efforts of doing so.

Night Photography Tips and Tricks Revealed

If your digital camera has Manual mode and manual focus, you can take successful night photographs your first try. The reason why is because you can see the results of setting changes on your LCD immediately.

The Criteria For Good Photography Services

A photography studio nowadays have to offer more than mere point and snap photography but has to include various categories in order to satisfy customer demands. Snapping conventional shots does not cut it anymore. Instead, a reputable photography studio now has to come up with creative shots and angles to attract more customers for a steady stream of income. When a customer goes searching for photography services, she is bound to want a photographer who can think outside the box and produce gorgeous shots of her.

How to Find Your Unique Voice As a Photographer

It’s not just enough to be good – you’ve got to find your own unique voice. The question is – how? This article will take you though several things that you can to do help you discover and carve out your own one-of-a-kind path as a photographer.

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