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Tips for Photo Booths

Photobooths have become a hot item to have at your wedding or event. In this article I’ll present some tips to help make your photo booth as memorable as possible.

Choosing the Right Dress for Your Wedding Day

One of the most important decisions a bride makes is about her wedding dress. Your dress is momentous. While some brides will have an idea of what type of dress they want, it’s important that the dress you choose is the right style and design for your body shape.

Gift of Photography

It would be a little frustrating because you would always want to present a certain gift to the parents of the celebrator however gift ideas are kind of hard to incorporate. Most probably, you will always have the thought of giving out baby clothes, educational toys and some other baby things but its always the thought that counts so being creative will be much more appreciated. Ask some of your friends about their most treasured ideas on what to wrap as a gift during baby celebrations like birthdays and baby showers.

Point-And-Shoot Vs Digital SLR (DSLR)

Regardless of the manufacturer you prefer, if you’ve been in the market for a new camera lately I’m sure you’ve had to sit down and ponder this question; point-and-shoot or DSLR? If you’re living in the United States like I am right now, you’ve probably got a little tax reimbursement burning a hole in your pocket and would just LOVE to make it turn into a slick, shiny new camera that would make you the envy of all who know you. But the question still remains do you want small and convenient, or high quality with bulk?

Perfect Camera Panning Photography

Panning in photography is the act of capturing subjects on the move, like in action or sports photography, or just plain old street or other sorts of photography where your target is moving at the moment of exposure. Camera panning usually requires you to use a slower shutter speed and move the camera along the axis of your subject during the time of exposure so that you get a virtually crisp, sharp subject and a blurred background.

A Way To Preserve Your Photos

By and large, after 12 years, photographs printed in color onto paper start to degrade in color and fade due to various types of reasons. Light is notorious for doing this to photos, and yet even negatives and 35mm slides that are kept in a dark room are bound to degrade in quality as they incur some yellowing and fading over time. The fact is, you really can’t hide anything from light because few places are completely dark all the time.

Capturing A Moment

Over time, photographic technology and processes have evolved. Pictures can be captured on people’s phones, can be shared on the internet and can be developed in a number of ways. People use cameras as a form of art as well as to capture moments and convert them into lasting memories.

Hunting for the Best Point and Shoot Camera? Reviews by Consumers for Buyers

Point and shoot cameras are fantastic for lots of occasions. Here is the beginning to a series of article content on point and shoot digital cameras by an expert.

Landscape Photography – 4 Tips to Capture Great Landscape Shots

If you have been active in traveling, you may have had the many opportunities of capturing many beautiful landscapes in the places you travel. The landscape may look beautiful from your own eyes but it may not look as beautiful on the shots that you have captured. If so, you will want to know how to capture great landscape shots so that the next time you are out traveling and you come across a beautiful landscape, you will know how to capture it in its most beautiful form.

Learn Digital Photography – Keys to Effective Photography

Each one of us wants to become more effective in the photography. That could be winning a competition, selling your images or just taking great photos to put on your wall. So what is effective for one might not mean effective for another. And, the person who determines how effective is…? You! So how do you increase the effectiveness of your photography? Here are a few keys that have helped my students become more effective.

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