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Photo Restoration – Recall To Life Those Past Memories!

Many of us own photographs of our infancy, kindergarten, graduation, and marriage in hard copy form. They are, more often than not, in poor condition, torn or damaged in some or the other way. Photo restoration can help you preserve these precious and irreplaceable memories bringing them back to life in full force.

Choosing A Wedding Photographer, A Very Important Decision

When organising a wedding, of all the things that need to be considered, I believe that the choice of wedding photographer is one of the most important. Why? Well firstly your wedding photographer will spend all day with you! If you don’t like him/her, then that would not be the person you want with you all day! And secondly, your wedding photographer is given the task of recording all of the effort that has gone into your day – the flowers you chose, the guests that were invited, the dress you wear. Everything that you will want to remember from your day!

Review on the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS

This is my personal account of the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS. In here you will find my personal experiences with the camera as well as a few comparisons with its predecessor.

Photo on Canvas of Your Pet

We love our four-legged children and do all sorts of things for them – play with them, buy them toys, take them for walks. And we typically take lots and lots of photos of them. Where do those photos go? Maybe in a photo album, maybe a box. The album is nice but why not create a canvas portrait of your best friend, instead? By printing his or her photo on canvas, you honor your beloved dog or cat and have canvas art to grace the walls of your home. It’s a two-for!

So You Want to Buy an Digital SLR?

I have often been asked, “I want to buy a digital SLR, what do you recommend?” At this point I usually answer with a question, “Why?”

Garden Wedding Ideas for Beautiful Wedding Photography

Having a garden wedding can be a very magical and romantic setting. It is any woman’s dream to hold her wedding in a garden with tall trees overshadowing the grounds, with the earthy smell of verdant grass, the vibrant colorful mix of garden flowers, and a small patio nearby which essentially completes a perfect garden setting.

Depth of Field and How to Use It

What do we mean by depth of field? The term refers to the amount of detail in the photograph that is in focus. A typical landscape photograph will will show detail over a long distance, all of which will be in focus and recognisable by the viewer.

Four Main Types of Photography

There are many various kinds of photography in our lives. Generally speaking, four main types have some relationship with our lives. They are portrait photography, family photography, fine art photography, and wildlife photography. Each one has their own characteristics.

Photography – The Clue Is in the Name

I love photography. I didn’t know that I did until about 12 months ago – but now I really do know that I do, and all I find myself doing is wanting to learn more. There is so much to learn – about the nature of photography, the equipment, the subject you’re photographing, the lighting, posing – oh the list is endless – believe me, the list is endless, and it’s a huge amount to learn.

Holistic Photography – 10 Zen Strategies to Guarantee You an Improved Perspective and Focus

Holistic photography from a Zen perspective remains largely conceptual. Living and appreciating the present is an interesting concept that very few people would disagree with, yet as a collective species humanity seems oblivious as to how to achieve this on a consistent basis, almost as if the propensity not to live in the present is hard-coded into our DNA. Holistic photography allows the photographer a rare insight as to how to activate one’s latent intuitive ability and intertwine that with the mechanistic skill of taking a photograph.

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