⭐ Remove Background in Photoshop!

Selective Desaturation

Shooting in black and white can bring a classic appearance to your photographs. Fine grain and deep shadows make a contemporary scene appear nostalgic and timeless. Of course, there are times when you may want to bridge the decades by creating a combined black and white photograph with elements of color. This effect is relatively easy to achieve with many commercially available photo editing applications.

Tips for Scanning Your Photographs

Unless you are a teenager who probably has never seen a film camera, you will probably have quite a few old photos that only exist as hard copies of images captured on film. These could be pictures from your school and college days or old black and white or even sepia prints of your parents and grandparents. Like all pictures, they will deteriorate with age and the old way for you to preserve them is to digitize them by scanning them into you computer or save them on CDs or DVDs.

How to Find a Model for Your Microstock Online Photos

There is a particular niche that you as a photographer need to consider, if you want to be successful when submitting work for any of the many micro stock agencies on the internet. I am referring to those photos, where you have people doing an everyday thing, interacting with each other, practicing a sport etc. In order to be capable to produce these types of photos there is a crucial factor. You need a model. If you are still new in this area, most probably you are lost as from where to start looking for a model…

What Is a Long Exposure? Part I

Usually, when photographers talk about long exposures they mean that the shutter is open for longer than can easily be hand held, though it’s surely not as simple a definition as that. The first rule of thumb for a hand-holdable shot: THE FOCAL LENGTH RECIPROCAL RULE.

Tips How To Take Your Own Pregnancy Newborn and Family Photos – Shoot Your Own Damn Baby!

So you are pregnant and you think about taking some photos of yourself and then your new baby. You are wondering whether paying for a photographer is necessary or perhaps a friend could take photos of you instead for free. Good News is – you can! But there are a few things to consider…

Advanced Skills With Photoshop Hair Masking Tools

When hair needs tweaking, brushing or masking it is not an ordinary task. Now with the help of advanced tools, Photoshop hair masking has become easier. Yet the skill lies in familiarity and the right use of knowledge of the software.

Learn to Shoot Your DSLR Camera Like a Pro!

Ever since digital cameras became popular and affordable the average person has been wanting to take better pictures with their camera. With Digital SLR cameras becoming more and more popular as entry level prices seem to get lower and lower there tends to be more everyday people that want to get more out of their digital SLR. I have been a professional photographer now for 7 years and I am going to provide you with plenty of free information and tips on how to use your camera to get the most out of it.

Street Focusing Techniques I

Hyper focal distance is a popular technique used mostly with rangefinder cameras.  If you are using a Leica or Contax manual focus rangefinder – you’ll find the lenses marked and easy to read the hyper focal distance.

Camera or the Lens?

Anyone who is new to photography seems to always ask the question of what camera should they buy. Then they ask what lens. Maybe they should be asking what lens should I buy first.

Finding the Best Photo Editing Software for Your Needs

We’re in an interesting time where, thanks to digital photo editing software, it is relatively easy to rescue imperfect images that previously we would have had to toss. It is especially nice to be able to repair one-of-a-kind images such as old family photos, or fix the lighting or remove an ugly background from an otherwise decent photo.

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