⭐ Remove a Crowd From Your Photos in Photoshop!

How to Put a Simple Vignette on Your Photograph in Photoshop

There is more than one way to put a vignette on a photo in Photoshop. Some are pretty complex, really more work than is needed for a simple vignette. I will show you the easiest way that I have found.

Fashion Photography, Some History

So where did it start? What are the current trends? What should you be doing?

Guidance for New Models

Before any new model begins his or her career in the modeling industry, the most important concept for them to grasp is their modeling portfolio. An industry standard for any modeling hopeful, the portfolio embodies the person’s photogenic qualities showing, different characters, age range, and personality.

How To Shoot, Index And Catalog Your Own Stock Footage

Times have changed and along with it, the rules of stock footage. For getting successful as a stock footage photographer, you need to know what kind of footage sells, how to shoot it and where to get it sold for the best monetary rewards.

A Successful Photography Business – Define Your Vision and Create Your Positioning Statement

In today’s market there is very little work for the visual generalist. Very few photographers have actively worked to define their visual approach to their chosen subject? In this article we will explore how you can develop your visual positioning statement?

Ways To Protect Videos Taken By A Digital Camera

Digital cameras are the norm of today. As such, it’s very rare to see people these days using the traditional 35mm film when taking photos during special occasions.

Lowepro Slingshot 200 Protects Your Camera

I am talking about the Lowepro slingshot 200. This all-weather backpack has a very unique sling design that allows you to carry the bag and get ready with your camera in just seconds. It is truly accessible and convenient for photographers and travelers alike. They do not have to waste time in taking off their bag and putting the bag to the ground for it to be opened.

How to Find Landscape Photography Opportunities Where You Live

If you are a keen landscape photographer one of your main challenges will be how to locate places that will provide excellent opportunities to create stand out photographs.  Your first port of call will probably be the work of other photographers in your area. You can see their work at exhibitions or at photography clubs or via their personal websites or blogs.

You Bought a New Digital Camera, Now Learn the Basics

After much thought and calculations, you got yourself a new digital camera. You may be eager to capture the moments in your life, with your family and friends; or maybe you want to click pictures of your surroundings and the things you see. The whole world is your canvas. And the camera you just bought is your tool.

A Guide To Buying A New Digital Camera

When you decide to go out and buy a new camera, you are buried with various brands, each with their numerous models of cameras. Smart as these competitors are, they always tend to make similar featured camera ranges, making it tough for the customer to decide on one.

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