⭐ How To Remove a Person From a Photo in Photoshop

Newborn Photography – 4 Tips on How To Take Baby Photos

There are few photos more precious to parents than those of their newborn. These will be the pictures that they and their child will look back on while reminiscing about those early years. However, to capture these moments is not easy.

Canon Rebel T3i VS T3 – Entry-Level Digital SLR Comparison

Digital SLR buyers should beware that there is a difference in the two newest entry-level DSLR cameras being sold by Canon. The Canon Rebel T3i is not the same as the Canon Rebel T3, and the differences are not subtle at all, they are pretty much worlds apart in today’s specification terms. In this article, we will look at the Canon Rebel T3i VS T3.

Photography Basics: Understanding Aperture

To better understand what aperture is, we must first know how a camera works. Your camera is essentially a light-capturing device; light gets bounced off an object and is reflected into the camera. Light-sensitive materials in the camera then picks it up and saves it either as a digital image (JPEG, RAW), or onto traditional film.

What’s in a Wedding Photographers Camera Bag

Typically you should make sure that any wedding photographer you pick should have all the kit and equipment to ensure you photographs will be perfect on your big day. This is a list of what a professional wedding photographer should be carrying as a minimum.

How to Succeed in Selling Photos Online

If you ask a handful of photographers, if they have ever tried to sell photos online, most probably you get two types of answers. There are those that simply do not know that they can actually sell photos online and then there are those, that they have given it a try, but gave up because they did not succeed to submit and sell any photos. I would like to share with you some golden rules, which in my opinion can boost; both the number of photos accepted by stock houses, as well the number of sales.

How to Delete Images From A Memory Card

Many people who love to capture special moments whether with family or friends often don’t have the habit of deleting images from their digital camera’s memory card. Although, they may have transferred the photos to their computers, many would still want to review the images through their camera over and over again.

Underwater Photography: Perfect Exposure

There is really only one perfect exposure to any photo: the one that looks good to your eyes. However, your camera photometer plays a big role in helping you get a starting point for your image. The fact is that cameras have not changed much in 20 years. Still, an exposed image is the one that combines the correct amount of light that hits your film (or digital sensor) based on your current ISO. You can have a wide variety of f-stops and shutter speed combinations, but only one of those combinations will create an exposed image. Using one f-stop or shutter speed over another changes either depth of field or freezes the action.

Is the Sony-TX5 Really a Waterproof Camera?

Those shopping for a slim compact camera with outstanding picture and video quality should take a serious look at the Sony-TX5. Especially those who need a camera that is very compact and can take a severe beating. Let me emphasize the word beating!

Fashion Photography, Starting Out

Just some observations and information for those starting out or thinking about starting out. What you should know before you hang out that shingle.

Photos on Canvas – Photography – Canvas Art

Printing photos on canvas is not only a means of preserving your photograph for many years, thanks to the natural longevity of canvas, but doing so also creates unique, personal art. Unique, because it is from yours or another’s photo – photos that no one else will have unless you share it. Personal, because it is from yours or another’s photo – photos that mean something special.

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