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How to Take Sharp Pictures

We all want to capture those sharp pictures but it’s always not that simple. Sometimes we are hit with a dark image with no details and sometimes we blur everything in the frame. Below are some tips to help you improve your techniques.

Planning a Vineyard Wedding

It’s not surprising many couples are choosing wineries for their weddings. The landscapes are beautiful and wine venues impeccable. Every girl thinks about her wedding from the time she’s small, and the elegance and fairytale atmosphere that most bride’s desire is easily attainable with a winery wedding in the south west.

Lenses for DSLR Cameras – What’s Right for You?

There are many different varieties of lenses that are available for your DSLR cameras. Different lenses work differently in different situations. Let’s go over these different types of lenses so we can establish a general idea about them.

Digital Vs Traditional Photography

We can’t say that digital photography is very different from traditional photography because of the techniques used in film photography are also used in digital photography. A picture has to be well composed, the lights have to be used appropriately, the lines and angles should be appealing and we must keep the shape and pattern in mind. However, there are some differences.

Comprehending Depth of Field

Depth of field is the distance that is acceptably sharp within your photograph and varies depending on these three elements: aperture focusing, distance lens and focal length. There isn’t a sudden change from sharp to unsharp but the change occurs gradually with everything in front of the focusing distance and everything to the back of the focusing distance losing sharpness.

My Pro Friends Laughed When I Told Them About The Canon Rebel T3i

The Canon Rebel T3i (aka 600D) is getting some really good reviews. Find out what some of the pros have not discovered yet.

Digital Camera History

The digital camera is a development of the videotape recorder (VTR), wherein the data of television cameras are turned into digital and stored in a magnetic tape. It was John Mullin, who headed the engineering department of Bing Crosby laboratories that perfected the VTR technology. Meanwhile, NASA sends representations and related data of their inquest from the moon’s surface to the earth by converting analog signals into digital.

Passionate About iPhoneography

I’ve studied photography 20 years ago in Montreal, at Concordia University and my main interests then were about shooting abandoned industrial sites, construction ruins, old and used objects, details of old architecture, and urban landscape in general. I was very passionate about my learning and had very supportive teachers who understood right away that I wasn’t a technical photographer but more like the artistic type! I loved doing it but as some of you remember, it took such a long time for the whole process to get done, from the negative to the actual picture, that we actually lost the spontaneity…

The Type Of Camera That Is Right For You

When making the decision about what type of camera to buy, it is easy to be confused by the myriad of choices which are available. From point and shoot camera’s, to digital SLR cameras to fixed lens cameras, to video cameras and so much more. Throw brands into the equation and there are literally hundreds of choices to decide between. Given this, here are a few tips that may help you decide what the best choice is for you.

Troubleshooting Common Digital Camera Issues

Digital cameras are machines and therefore can encounter problems when you least expect them. This is a reality even though many of us think that the quality and high end cameras are free of problems.

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